if associates have their knees orient within the contrary direction, how would the chairs look?

ha, how would the people look?? lol!
Every time I look at Camels I infer that the knees are on backwards
Dont waist your time in things that can't take place.Use your brain constructively
chairs wouldn't be made. or it wud be the same.
Chairs would be the sme.
Chest will rest on the backrest.
haha i other think around things like that. they have something like that on futurama once, pretty funny
You view Brainiac too much:P.
i think it looks resembling this [_=]o
ur funny. I would buy a stool or sit in a recliner!
LOL im tryin to picture it but i cant..
i am so sick of this quiz but thanks for the 2 pts and not at your best say their probably wouldnt be chairs but some sort of preference device lol
can't remember the movie but charlie sheen starred in it. nearly an invasion where the aliens have backwards knees. they could spring pretty good. the movie be The Arrival.. pretty cool flick. i thought that they had a pretty appropriate concept of what backwards knees would look like.
they would own 2 backrests :-D

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