Tea Tree Oil contained by the Philippines?

I would just close to to ask all those living within the Philippines (preferably Metro Manila) where I could purchase tea tree grease. I'm having flea bites and I've read from one of the answers here that it's potent on curing them. I've tried some well-known drugstores and a herbal store, but I'm still next to no luck. Does anyone have an conception?

Try The Body Shop. They have different kind of oils, I'm sure they enjoy Tea Tree Oil.
i think it would be better if you consult a dermatologist.. i'm sure it will afford you tips and medication as well.. you similar to hiei of ghost enemy! pareho tau! asteeg! ΓΌ
I cannot give you the exact website but do a poke about under Swanson Vitamins. I dont own the catalogue right in a minute but they sell tea tree grease and have the most possible prices. In the event you cant get tea tree grease, try Camphophenique or try to find camphor oil. This is the best product I own ever used on bites.
Yup, body shop has multiple types of tea tree grease products--soaps, etc. It is often used to treat acne.

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