Something to pinch for ocean sickness bar Dramamine?

Does anyone know of something to take for ocean sickness other than Dramamine? Last time I took Dramamine and finished up falling asleep on the boat. I am only going on a cruise to know-where otherwise certain as a gambling cruise and will singular be out at sea for a few hours. I am not a drinker so drinking alcohol is not a solution. I am widen to herbal or holistic suggestions...

they make wrist braclets that press on specific spots on your wrist. I enjoy never been ocean sick but i teach scuba diving and deeply of people I know and seriously of my students use them and they rave about them.

one point that can help you is to look at something to be precise a fixed object close to the horizion if you start to feel deep-sea sick. it gives you brain the information it requirements to gain your equalibrean (spelling sorry). if you start to feel sick dont stare at things that are moving near the boat. also get fresh nouns if possible but dont seize it fron the rear of the boat because explicitly where the engines are and the fumes will sort it worse.

watch what you munch through prior to going. greasy foods are a no no if you get deep-sea sick. you want to eat something desk light, but dont fo without consumption becuase an empty stomach is freshly as bad as a greasy burger. chomp through about an hour back going it will give the food time to settle but wont hand down your belly empty.

also tak a few small pack of crackers to settle your stomach if you get woosy.
Well... I be gonna suggest Vontrol but it has alike repercussions (sleepiness and what not).

What you can definitely do is buy one those captivating wristbands for seasickness. They are really effective, especially for something so close to shore.

Enjoy it!
There are also intuitive supplements for an upset stomach, too... you can try Ginger, Peppermint Oil, or Aloe Vera.

They have no risk of side effects (aside from allergies), so you won't hold to worry around falling asleep or anything.
I eat lots of candied ginger when I start have motion sickness, works like a charm.
You can find it within either the chinese branch of the grocer or the spice isle.
Gravol - it is an anti-nausea pill, and I think it's a bit smaller quantity strong than Dramamine, so you shouldn't fall asleep near it.
Ginger is really good for stomache issues...perchance try some ginger tea or something.
the dramamine in the pink boxes is a different drug (meclizine 25mg) than the untested dramamine, its less drowsy (though some population still complain of drowsiness). Bonine is also the exact same thing as the pink box dramamine. resembling the other guy said there are acupuncture bracelets (Sea Band is the most adjectives brand name, available within most pharmacies), there isnt really any biddable evidence they work but people right to be heard they do.
I'd use ginger. Even just drinking ginger ale can lend a hand calm your stomach and avert nausea. You should pick up some candied ginger and snack on that a bit while you're out.
This is another vote for ginger.

In a chief to head study it out perform dramamine and it doesn't have the side effects.

Good luck and be okay.

Ginger works very all right,
Ginger. Ginger helps near motion sickness. Not sure of the best forms to use. Eat ginger candy. I know you can get it. Don't know where on earth though. Good Luck.
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