If i endow with an IM injection of 5mg how much would that be surrounded by ML?

What drug is it? & in what pharmaceutical form?
If it's an ampoul,u requirement to read the concentration of the drug..how many mg/ml? That's usually printed on the side of the ampoul.& if it's a vial,u stipulation to know how many milliliters of distill sea (or any other liquid) are used to disolve it.
Wish I could help more, but ur cross-examine is so vague..better luck subsequent time!
5mg of what?
depends on dosage strength... how many mg of tablets per ml?
5 ml only as 5 mg is too small for 5000 mg (5gram) of marine
1 ml and 1 CC are the same.

if memory serves; 5 mm is in the region of 1 tsp.

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