Sould I pierce my tounge?

Shoud I pierce my tounge and if so... how do I take caution of it ao that it wont get adjectives nasty and stuff

If you want to draw from it, why not? I have two within my tongue and love them. Heres an article I found on tongue piercing aftercare so you know what is in store for you. The better keeping you take of it, the faster it will treat. My second hole in my tongue didnt swell or anything and be back to conventional in 4 days. It depends on your body on how much it will swell..if it even does. My first hole be very swollen for around 3 days, I had to suck on rime a lot. Anyone that have a tongue ring can tell you the actual piercing, contained by which the needle go through.DOES NOT hurt! Its the aftermath that gives it such a desperate name. The actual piercing is certainly the least uncomfortable out of all body piercing. You wouldn't have a sneaking suspicion that so, because if you bite your tongue, it hurts! But trust me, the needle going through is nought. If you have your ears pierced or anything else...thats deeply worst. Good luck! Best wishes!

Tongue piercing care and cleaning

To hang on to a tongue piercing free from infection the first thing one should not do is rinse his or her mouth out beside any type of listerine. This can cause irritation and discoloration to the piercing. Never verbs the piercing with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, this can motivation serious injury. Salt water is also an influential rinse.

After getting pierced the tongue will swell up to about twice its commonplace size and lymph will come out from the wound. Do not worry, this is regular. Swelling will start reducing in three to four days and progress away completely in seven to eight. The tongue should be fully heal within 6-8 weeks. During those weeks do not play next to or touch the tongue. Always rinse tongue after it has be touched or after eating something. You may want to avoid intake hot or spicy foods during the healing process, as this may inflict discomfort and hinder the invigorating process. One should only drink small, soft amounts of food like mash bananas, mashed potatoes, cereal, cold soup, applesauce or rice. Ultra slim fast are a great way to gain the protein and vitamins you need and you might lose a few pounds, too. Rinse mouth out past and after every meal or drink. Do not drink alcohol or coffee. Do not smoke. If one must smoke be sure to rinse mouth up to that time and after having a cigarette. Smoking too much will slow down the curative process and cause discomfort. Do not use chewing tobacco or non-filter cigarettes.

After swelling go down, cut back on your mouth rinsing. When tongue is fully heal it is only obligatory to rinse mouth out in the morning and evening. The piercer will usually pierce the tongue near a longer bar or piece of jewelry to allow the tongue to swell. If the handrail or jewelry feels too big or long it can be replaced when the tongue have healed and swelling have gone down. Do not take the lump or jewelry out before beneficial is complete or swelling is gone. A piercer or yourself can change the dowel or jewelry.

Always sterilize the jewelry you will be putting in your tongue so as to prevent infection. In various cases, after the tongue is fully healed a crown or rock-hard spot will appear around the hole in the tongue. This will commonly go away inside a month or two of the tongue being fully heal. If tongue hurts more than 8 days after piercing and swelling has not gone down walk to the doctor. Do not just budge to the piercing shop unless they specify otherwise. Following these proper steps will result in a spur-of-the-moment and aesthetic rescue.
No it's ugly...
No. It looks unsightly.
I had it done and I despised it, I personally wouldn't recommend it, if you don't hang on to it clean adjectives the time it gives you horrible breath.
If you want to be trashy...
No. Metal piercings contained by the tongue and lips commonly cause wreck to periodontal tissue and teeth. Further, the tongue is a muscle and no good can come from piercing a muscle.

And it looks stupid, surrounded by my opinion.
Can't relieve you with whether or not you should, its a personal choice, but I get mine done over a year ago and my piercer gave me the deep salt to swish near to help the therapeutic and an anti-microbial mouthwash to swish with to execute any germs or heal within 2 months and immediately its goooooood!
Sure. If you really want it like I did do it and see for yourself. Your tounge will swell up for something like 2 weeks and for at least a month you enjoy to wash your mouth out near half hose down, half mouthwash everytime you put away, drink, smoke (if you smoke) or kiss, etc. After that I highly recommend getting a plastic tounge ring or you'll chip a tooth approaching I did. After that I took mine out for good. It's not too desperate, fun to kiss and play with after it's heal as long as you take meticulousness of it.
no dont, its irritating, u cant eat properly, and it looks gross
sure if you like food getting hung up and sipping soup over metel.
I've have it done twice. It's really up to you. It actually didn't hurt that inadequately. It hurt more with the spaghetti looking tongs pinching my tongue than anything else and I drooled close to a baby. It's sturdy to find a job near it though. For the first 2 weeks you have it rinse near Listerine after EVERYTHING, except drinking water. Smoking, consumption etc. It won't get infected that path.
If you want to pierce your tongue, go ahead. It's your prerogative. If you do achieve it done, you'll have to gargle sea-salted river for a few days, then Listerine. Expect to hold a swollen tongue for a few weeks. It's pretty easy to keeping for.
Don't do it, i had it done and the twinge after was pretty desperate. My tongue swelled, i couldn't eat properly and couldn't even speak properly.
No, it's TACKY and you'll look fund when your older and feel "what the hell was I thinking??" I know if I be looking to hire someone, that'd be the first thing I would observe... I hate them.

You're good-looking without it!!

And, why would you want to reimburse for a speech impedement? Just a thought...
No if you are trying to attract guys they don't like it. All of my friend come up with it looks trashy.
I wanted one when I be in university. I thought they be so cool. I dated a guy that had one and loved kissing him next to it. Unfortunately I was too chicken or something to bring it.
I think you should catch it done if you want to. I used to have mine done. I took it out a few months ago( after a couple of years beside it)- the barbell chipped one of my teeth a little bit and plus my parents insufferable it. However, I think it looks really cool. It take like 6 months for them to make well and you gargle salt hose after you eat and formerly bed. Some nasty stuff when its first salutary is normal- there will be little crusties and gummy mucuos like stuff in that the first couple of weeks. The person that pierces it for you (you should shift to a body piercer place) can give you detailed cleaning instructions.
If you want to...they will detail you how to take strictness of it when you get it pierce.
I get mine pierced 6 years ago and I wore it about 2 1/2 years. I own children now so I didn't regard as it was appropriate anymore but I enjoy thought about getting it re-open. If you close to it, I say run for it.
I wouldn't do the tongue.. it's kinda nasty, but I looove my belly-button piercing. If you don't already own that, I would pierce that instead of your tongue.
Get a butt piercing.
One word "STUPID" it also insults your intelligence.
I have have my tongue pierced since Spring Break of 99 and the only problems I enjoy had is the gums at the back one of my bottom teeth has slowly be rubbed away. You can see some of the root of that tooth. It is not painful, but I verbs about that tooth not mortal as secure surrounded by my mouth as it should be. I took the tongue ring out for about 4 months to see if the tissue would regrow, but no luck. I thought my piercing have closed, but I was competent to get my jewelry subsidise in beside just a touch push. As far as cleaning it I was told to use listerine after everything except sea. Also clean going on for once a day next to glyoxide (a peroxide rinse for the mouth). As far as pain, the piercing be not too bad, almost close to biting your tongue, but I was outstandingly swollen and in niggle for the first few days, almost a week. It was sturdy to talk and chomp through with adjectives the swelling, but once that went down I get used to the jewelry being within. After it is healed nearby is no special care required, of late your routine oral care. I enjoy not had any desperate experiences with fruitless breath or anything like that. I own worked in daycares and bank, and have never have an employer who had a problem near my piercing either. Good Luck
Personal choice, as expected, but one that causes lots of dental and oral infection problems.
Good Luck.

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