Does anyone know of any herb to steal for a week immune system?

A natural consultant lsat year introduced me to a traditional chinese remedy called Goji (known within the west by the botanical name Lycium barbarum and the adjectives name Wolfberry). And I must say-so, I have just about been sick at adjectives since then - this departed week I had a severely minor cold, just a dry cough for a few days - despite individual extremely run down / sleep deprived as I have a 5 month matured baby, and specifically the first time I have be "sick" since starting to take it final September. I have have problems in the recent former of getting a heap of colds and frequent boughts of bronchitis that I had actual trouble kicking every year, so my own experience has me convinced that it most particularly works!

One of the things that I like more or less Goji is that apart from it being used successfully for thousands of years surrounded by asian medicine, is that within recent years there hold been reasonably a number of research studies done on it too - you can find them at (search for Lycium barbarum).

There is more information in the order of Goji and it's effect on the immune system at
Biobran is a very honest complex that helps immune sistem.
Try also vitamins C, A. E, B group, Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc.
Take incredibly fruits and vegetables.
Green tea is great too.
ecchinacea is a good one.
Green tea is the best. Good luck
There are a few things you can pocket to build your immune system. They are Olive Leaf Extract, Echinacea ~ Golden Seal, and plain old Echinacea.

I own posted below the links for each of these that will afford a detailed description as to what they are used for and what the dosages would be on each specific product.

Hope this help!!
The latest research shows that echinacea doesn't boost immune system.Personally, I cart Ginseng and Cod Liver Oil, and green tea.Works for me !
colloidal silver, ester C with bioflavonoids, (not herb, but good for immunity)quercetin, astragalus, garlic, olive branch extract, and definitely do a accurate detox at least 3x/year. (toxins surrounded by your body overload your immune system)
I have be on some chinese herbal remedies namely Tegreen (powdered extract from green tea leaves) and reishi mushroom supplement for few years, and my body's immunity is other in excellent condition, and it help me to feel lively for any activities and exercises. Asians own relied on this remedies for thousands of years.. you might want to read the articles about them..

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