Is Green Tea deadly to the liver?

and how much is too much green tea?

If it is I would be dead.

I love a blend of Green Tea and Oolong.

If you drank 20 gallons of green tea a daylight; you may have a problem; but three or four cups of green tea is correct for you.
not that i know of
Green tea is not beneficial for those with heart disease and cancer. New research shows that it might also benefit those next to fatty livers.
Natural green tea drink is safe; but concentrated green tea extract can be toxic to the liver
The lone reason that green tea would hold a harmfull effect on the liver is if the liver is not functioning properly in the first place. Green tea is a great detoxifying aid. It help the body knock out toxins from the entire system, but in direct for the toxins to exit the body they have to travel through the liver. If the liver is not functioning properly the excess of toxins from the cleansing could cause inflamation becasue it is not competent to throw off the toxins into the bowel. The same is true for the kidney and bladder system when taking green tea. Some those get bladder and kidney infections after taking green tea but it is not the eccentricity of the green tea. They have poor functioning organs and should adress that problem.
No, it is really accurate for the whole body.
You can never drink too much, try honey contained by it. tea is supposed to be very appropriate for
many things, it is even believed to serve
cancer patients. It is high within antioxidants...
i am not sure how much is too much but
I don't think 3 cups a morning is too much.
We drink green tea almost every day and enjoy for many years. A friend buys it
for us surrounded by one of the big cities where we live. There is a special store at hand where
he buys it for himself and us. It's a loose tea which is in reality better for you.
Green Tea and Liver

Green tea is good for the liver. But those next to severe liver damage should pay attention with drinking green tea as the body is not competent to break down the caffeine content of green tea efficiently.

Here is the extract from the first relationship:

In a laboratory study, rats were intoxicated beside alcohol for 4 weeks. It was found that green tea prevented impair to their livers.

Another laboratory study shows that green tea antioxidant EGCG protects the liver from the free radicals generate when mice are exposed to carbon tetrachloride, a toxic chemical solvent.

Without EGCG, the carbon tetrachloride exposure produced numerous free radicals that destroyed a significant amount of the animals' liver cell.

With EGCG, free radical and liver injury be so greatly reduced that researchers suggested that green tea should be used to treat liver disease.

The upside? Drinking green tea helps business with alcohol.

How Much Green Tea To Drink

Many population studies documenting the strength benefits of drinking green tea are based contained by Asia, where those typically drink 3 cups of green tea a day.

The United Kingdom Tea Council recommend drinking up to 6 cups a day owing to the caffeine content. Individuals near special conditions should drink even less and give somebody a lift appropriate precautions

What can go wrong drinking too much green tea? Two reason: caffeine intolerance and minerals overdose.

Read the second link to find out.

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