What is the best non prescribed medication for a child next to ADD to pilfer?

My sister really doesn't want to put her son on anything that is doctor prescribed due to side affects. Is near anything natural that really works? His ADD is above all not being competent to focus, he isn't running or bouncing off the walls at adjectives. Thanks for all your replies.

For some children a instinctive product called lecithin works wonders, and it's not with the sole purpose harmless, it's beneficial surrounded by a lot of ways. Try it for a couple of weeks; if it doesn't work you've just lost a very few dollars. It's available at vigour food stores.

I would also suggest a diet free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, and any other added chemicals like MSG. There is no proven proof that it works, but a lot of family have found that it does, I used to draw from my daughter the ice cream/candy/pop she beg for just since we got on the bus after shopping. That road she would be home before the anger tantrum hit! Finally I got smart and said no to adjectives the junk she required and gave her lecithin, and the augmentation was amazing.
Some populace think that food additives/processed foods aggravate ADHD symptoms. She could look into dietary change.

Also fish is supposed to help because of the Omega-3 fatty acids that backing with brain function.
As I recognize it, the concept behind the prescription medication is that they basically speed up the child's system so much that they are forced to focus. In my mind, that vitally makes Ritalin, et al "kiddie cocaine" or "kiddie crystal meth". I don't nesseccarily (sp?) buy into that concept, but if you do after good, unfashionable Vitamin B supplements could provide some help.

I know you've probably already told her this, and own heard it a million times yourself, but if she hasn't already done so she desires to get a second judgment. Too many educator and doctors today are too ready to lable a kid as human being "ADD" when they aren't. My wife and I fought this happening to our son. We finally get him tested by a Special Ed. teacher within our school district and it turned out he wasn't really "ADD" after adjectives. He was artistic and therefore bored out of his mind. If you mull over about it, it really is rugged as heck to focus on stuff that bores you to tears. So maybe he's not ADD, purely too smart to fit into some pre-fab. mold. In either defence, good luck to you and your sister.
Some moms I know use caffine. It sounds crazy but they donate threre child one of those energy drinks red bull etc.
A.D.D and A.D.H.D are drastically serious stuff. I would not try anything without speaking to a doctor. Because it deal with the mind even the doctors will bring up to date you it is trial and error. At the same time, hit the right medication and amount and it can work miracles.

My son have A.D.H.D and in in advance grades fought for Cs and Bs occasionally also with the occasional D and that be typically with 2 hours of homework abet a night from me (his dad). The teacher suggested he be tested in 6th echelon near the ending of the year. Came back diagnosed next to A.D.H.D. and got on medication his is Medidate and once we worked out the correct amount it be a complete 180 degree turn. Now he is an A/B student and I don't enjoy to help him at adjectives.

Ridiline is the main medication but others that are derivitivs of Ridiline as I understand, are Adderal and Medidate. And I've hear good things going on for the second two.

But whatever you do speak next to a doctor. Do not just guess at this stuff. It's too esteemed to get it right.
First, we obligation to figure out if the child really in actuality has ADD, or if the little fella is only just being a kid cooped up surrounded by a school for seven hours, five days a week, next goes home to be cooped up and not feed, bathed, loved and then we stipulation to find out if he does go home to be feed, bathed and loved, but just have a very vivid imagination. I remember my little brother, 20 years ago, be so darn weird. He be always hyper, silly and even have certain words close to dee and bobby that he would say in recent times to laugh so not easy about. He get in trouble at university and at home. I am student teaching right very soon and will graduate with a Bachelors within Elementary Education and have have a lot of experience next to kids with LD and BD, and I can see my brother within a lot of those kids. Except-these kids are taking powerful drugs, and for what? They love to guffaw and run and hate to sit still. I am so glad my mom never made a big operation about my brother, who is still silly, but present sunshine would have be diagnosed with ADD! I am clearly not saying that every child diagnosed is misdiagnosed, I am freshly saying that I believe that Americans are too worried in the region of being the fastest, the smartest, the richest, and the coolest. We work around the clock when the clock should work around us. Anyways, we requirement to stop...sit down....and figure out a process to make our lives, our children, our school, our markets, our law, our medicines, etc. successful. Because I enjoy news for everyone, you have an idea that that is what we are doing after we acquire the prescriptions, the verdicts, and the groceries; but what is really going on is NOTHING! The drugs don't work, the kids aren't learning, the food make us sick, the sex offenders are walking the streets. Ultimately, newly allow your nephew to be a kid. I heard Mountain Dew help which isn't natural. Maybe these kids haven't have the wool pulled over their eyes and are the only ones who really know what the hell the world is resembling and it just freaks them out.
Prescription for Natural Cures - Balch & Stengler give:
Essential Fatty Acids (esp. DHA)
Calcium-magnesium complex
Some people enjoy gotten help from magnets and from pycnogenol.
Monavie liquid helps level-headed some kids down.
I think you guys are right to quiz the medication thing. Doctors are too swift to pass out pills.
I agree beside a lot of what Sasha said. I cogitate kids don't get to run around and "spend" the animation they are given.
I think that High Fructose Corn Syrup is to blame for abundantly of stuff. Like depression and such. I think that a dietary adjustment, and if he's not getting outside in the fresh nouns. a habit/hobby change may be due.
Kids obligation dirt, they need to touch the top soil, get dirty, know temperament. To explore, and wonder. Wonder - as in be amazed at adjectives things natural. There's something soporific about getting out beside the birds and the frogs.the water, the sky, and the trees.
I also reflect on that kids these days play too abundant video games, and the fast pace action, of these and cartoon, make them obligation this stimulation in unadulterated life too. Also, the requirement to be entertained.. they involve to be imaginative - by themselves. They want to learn give or take a few the real world, how it works, how to behave and fit (age appropriately) into society -- minus being medicated out of their mind. If more kids have these things, I think the majority of them could be taken stale meds.
Good luck with anything you choose.
All the people who hold answered this are correct, so let me sum it up and put in one piece of new information.

1. Get tested by a reputable licensed psychologist. They enjoy the appropriate training to separate ADHD from the many other cause for attention problems.
2. Exercise and a healthy diet are other good option.
3. Don't rush to medications. Teach him to focus by have him practice paying attention, time him, and enjoy him work to beat the time, etc.
4. Many ADHD children enjoy found that coffee or energy drinks give a hand. It is the caffeine in these drinks that help. For some reason, stimulants tend to own the opposite effect on these children.
4. (Here's my idea). Don't rush to the herbal remedies any. Many of these do not have to experience the strict testing that prescriptions do. Even though we may dislike giving medicines to a child, we must also remember that not everything "natural" is necessarily fine. (Remember arsenic, cyanide, hemlock?)
5. Researchers have begin to isolate specific genes and target specific areas of the brain which are affected by this disease. It is interesting research proving that ADHD (when properly diagnosed) is not just an insubstantial disorder, but is very tangible, like diabetes or elevated blood pressure.
6. There are newer medications that are not stimulants (Strattera is one) that come across to work especially well beside the inattentive types of ADHD. These are not addictive and one can't get illustrious from them.

Bottom line: See a psychologist who can work within conjunction with your doctor to bring about the best results for your particular child because respectively case is extraordinarily different.
go to herbalhealer.com and check out their A.D.D. Regular and A.D.D. severe homeopathic drops. These are particularly safe and impressive. 7 drops given under the tongue or surrounded by a little hose down 2-3x's/day.
There's a lot of righteous advice here; Nobadkids have a lot of learned thoughts. Americans tend to be pill-chasers; we want a magic bullet to cure everything. Sadly, a great deal of parents of kids diagnosed with ADD or ADHD will hope out "alternatives" (and there are a huge number of websites out in attendance promising miracles) that are basically useless - including homeopathy, which is a pseudoscience.

Bottom procession: there is probably no impressive alternative medication available for this diagnosis. However, as an educator and, after that, a mental health professional, I hold seen abundantly over the years. Some kids find that medication enables them to focus and succeed for the first time contained by their lives. Others are unhappy because they don't close to the personality conversion, or feel their creativity have been stifled.

One closing thought: studies claim over and over that diet has no effect on ADHD. Personal experience attests that it can be successful in some cases. A child surrounded by my foster care be fine until he ate sugar in any form (including soaring fructose corn syrup) or artificial colorings. It will cost your sister nothing to experiment contained by this area.
Your sister is Smart :)

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