if hillary would be president what would her husband bill be call ?

presidants wives are first ladys. what would male husbands be call?

The first gentleman or Mr. President because he is still a former president.
the first man lol
first chap
The First Lady
First Man or Ms. Bill..LOL
first girl maybe ??
I've see this answered somewhere before, within other countries they are called the first man, but considering he be the president, he would still be called mr. president as is adjectives of our previous presidents.
the (first) first man. hahaha
first dude
A womaniser
best man LOL!
first man?!
1st gentleman, neh
Hey forget what Bill would be call. America would be called doomed!!.

Please do not do it!

Use your brains vote for Hitler even though he is deceased rather than the she devil!!

If you want to verbs America vote for her!!
He would still be called cheater.

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