How does papya, mango and can peaches assist swelling within the ankle, legs and foots?

I have edema swelling of the ankle and foot. Doctors relay me it is from possible blockage in the pevis nouns do to a kidney transplant. However, all medical exams does not show any blockage or blood clogs.

Dear 2DIGNI5,
You’ve unquestionably brought your medical concerns to the right place! The Y!A community members are fully aware of and do appreciate the intimate conditions involving your prognosis. Most famous doctors in the pasture of medicine would draw on a holistic approach to your ailment.
2DIGNI5, please begin your sunshine with a ably balanced breakfast to include an ample portion of fruits and grain. After your morning routines are finished, enjoy a brisk step around the block. If you happen to assemble any stray dogs along the way, it would be a upright idea to antagonize the creatures surrounded by order to give some vigor to your workout.
Now 2DIGNI5, the remaining portions of your day should be chock-full with interesting deeds and new studies to save your mind active and within balance, complimentary to what you own done with the physical side of yourself.
After loitering around at the public library adjectives afternoon with a bunch of smelly hobos, you can appreciate a heat up bath and time to be virtuous to yourself. Begin to collect an archive of various music genre that you can resolve one day to savour after you get the rest of your chores done.
2DIGNI5, if after following my counsel, simply take two aspirin and forget we ever have this little discussion.
Thank you, 2DIGNI5. Have a great day!

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