Do ion foot baths really work to detox chemicals? Why do the prices rise and fall from $100 to $3000?

Ion therapy uses a special electronic device that generate negatively charged particles. Negative ion psychiatric therapy has be shown to alleviate symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Negative ions contain an extra electron, and are created instinctively by the sun, wind, and moving hose down. Such molecules, in lofty enough concentrations, neutralize odors and net air cleaner. In themselves, they are barely audible.

One theory suggests that oxygenation of the blood is enhanced contained by highly ionized environments.
The Center for Environmental Therapeutics, a nonprofit research and rearing group, describes the psychological effects of negative nouns ionization:
There appears to be a connection between nouns ions and mood. Long touted in the pop literature as a mood enhancer, it be not until the 1990’s that this environmental factor was evaluated for antidepressant properties. The initial clinical trial by Drs. Michael and Jiuan Su Terman at Columbia, reported surrounded by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, focused on patients with seasonal affective disorder as they experienced through depressive episodes in winter. They found high-density unenthusiastic ions to be as effective as pallid therapy contained by treatment of this disorder.

Low density was ineffective. The trial be performed surrounded by a true “randomized double blind,” since humans are unable to perceive or detect ion even in the heavens circulation. Since the first clinical trial, the effect has be replicated in patients next to chronic, nonseasonal depression, most of whom had experienced lacking response to antidepressant drugs. Subsequent clinical trials published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, Psychological Medicine and the American Journal of Psychiatry hold replicated and extended the effect, even including patients with chronic, nonseasonal depression.

Recent advance in technology enjoy led to the nouns of small, compact ion generators that can produce level of ion density sufficient for biological effect. Although the original clinical trial relied on ion exposure during the year in timed treatment sessions, more just this minute the method has be shown also to work during sleep, providing an innocuous, automatic and imperceptible antidepressant effect inwardly a few weeks. Thus far, however, there enjoy been no studies of the potential extramural benefit of combining negative nouns ion therapy beside drug or light treatment.

The dosing of denial air ions appears to be critical for its mood-enhancing effect. Very illustrious levels are needed, above level provided by most standard home air cleaners. Clinical trials of denial air ionization own maximized the dose (or ion flow to the subject) beside a grounded wrist strap (for daytime use) or bed sheet (for use during sleep), reducing the flow to other grounded objects in the environment such as radiators, walls and radio/TV.
There is some truth to ion foot baths, but particularly not as much as they are sucking out of you. They charge that much because they can. You bought it.

A lot of what the ionizer does is what turns the water black. This have very little to do near your health, and they are robbing you blind.

If you put away a healthy diet, and win plenty of exercise, your body is self-maintaining. Don't fall for most of the hocus-pocus "toxin cleansing" crap shoved at your by empire who learned their stuff at trade conservatory.

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