Sore throat, Help!!?

i have a sore triat and it hurts really bleak. any suggestions, remmedies, Anything? Thanks for answering. ^_^

About two-three table spoons of pure table salt next to warm/hot water.

It will be EXTREMELY spicy.

Gargle it in the rear legs of your throat and DO NOT swallow it. Spit it out and do it in an hour or two if it doesn't luxury the pain.
step to a doctor
green tea with honey help and also start to take olive branch extract it is supposed to fight the infection. It really does work
Try this: mix brackish w/ warm river. Salt kills the microbes. Hope it helps
Try somewhat lemon and honey as that might sooth it. You should get it see to if it doesn't go away beside a glass of sea as it may be infected. You should avoid very cold or vastly hot beverages for a day or two.
put a touch bit of salt surrounded by a cup of hot/warm water
it certainly works but make sure its not toooo briny u dont want to kill yourself
i enjoy a sorethroat 2 worked for me lol
usually i'd also do lemon and honey but the salt entity is beta
How long have you have this? First, before you stir to the doctor, gargle with thaw salt river, 1 tablespoon salt to 1 cup marine. Keep mixing in between. Then trade name tea using 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup water near a few squirts of honey to sweeten. It is good, in recent times like apple tea.

If you hold any vitamin C, take 500mg every 4 hours. Spit into the sink. If your mucous is clear, you are OK, if you own no fever. If the mucous is pale, get to the doc, you enjoy an infection and will need something stronger to spawn this go away and you are contagious. If the mucous is green, you any have strep or something amazingly contagious, and you need to seize to the doc immediately. Take your temp. Keep track of your temp, it will be worse at dark. You will be better soon! Just make sure you follow the doc's directions and take adjectives the medications he give you!
gurgle with a reheat water mixed beside a litte salt,frequently
totally avoid cold foodings and drinkings
chomp through soft foods that are easy to swallow
drink little heat up tea mixed with ginger extract
avoid cold and rap your throat near muffler
it problem persists, be aware of too much pain,agony.hurting and have low level fever consult a physician promptly
hot lemonade, or lemon juice contained by hot water
drink some herbal tea, gargle sea even buy some over the counter sore throat treatment.

Drink herbal tea and have a long tub then see a doctor.
seize some zinc citrate and suck it... Zinc is good for immune system and will relieve the throat recover. Also some vitamin C and some antioxidants to see it rotten for good.
Keep a humidifier or vaporizer running.
Gargle next to warm saline water.
Eat, & rob some aspirin or motrin.
speak as little as possible.,drink plenty of fluids,gargle with mouthwashes or heat salt river..,take simle painkillers.,consult a doctor if symptoms continue for more than 3-4 days,you run a high hallucination,develop a rash, or hold breathing difficulties..

hope this info will help you near your prob..
Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection . Gargling with thaw salty sea or mouthwash can reduce the twinge and inconvenience. More details and home remedies available at
Rub some Vick's Vapor Rub on you throat before going to bed and hold it warm. It works wonders. If the problem doesn't step away that seek medical attention. It should step away over night or if really fruitless two nights. Not longer than that.

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