is near an alternative cure for hormonal imbalance?

ever since i had my second baby (13 months ago) my hormones hold been bad the wall and menstrating has be a nightmare. is there a innate remedy for helping the body to return to normal?

Hormone Imbalance
According to ZRT Laboratory, `OHormone inconsistency has be found to be the cause of a quantity of clinical situations. These conditions are:
Progesterone Deficiency / Estrogen Dominence
Testosterone Deficiency
Inappropriate Hormone Replacement
Polycystic Ovaries
Testosterone Deficiency
Multiple Hormone Insufficiency
Age-Related DHEA Decline
Progesterone / Estrogen Insufficiency
Cortisol / DHEA Imbalance'O Each one of these has specific requests according to diet and supplementary options. In broad, some of these suggestions might help: Recommended Vitamins:
Multivitamin / mineral / antioxidant formula complex Recommended Nutrients:
DHEA Foods to Choose:
Fresh fruits and vegetables Foods to Avoid:
Refined carbohydrates, pastas, chips, pastries, and sodas

More resources are available from the book, Vitamins & Minerals, written by Sara Rose and published by Hamlyn within 2003, Reader's Digest The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs: The A-Z guide to enhancing your health and treating malady with nutritional supplements. Along next to these two resource guides, material have been found contained by The Doctor's Complete Guide To Vitamins and Minerals, written by Mary Dan Eades, MD.,The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines, written by Charles W. Fetrow, PharmD and Juan R. Avila, PharmD., a book written by Earl Meindell, RPh, PhD, Recipes for Healthy Living Dr. Earl Meindell~Os Natural Remedies For 101 Ailments. Plus, the Alternative Health Dictionary. Viable Herbal Solutions website can be a great help as all right with this information.
Yes, drink himalayan goji liquid and you will be cured from hormonal imbalance.try to buy it contained by this website and enjoy the robustness benefits you'll experience once you drink himalayan goji juice.
Yes it is call PLUS.

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You might try Soy Select, Black cohosh, and/or Women's Prime Multi (see for info and great prices). ((See also
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and Prescription For Natural Cures both have virtuous sections on women's problems related to dysmenorrhea.

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