Anybody who know the medicinal importance of Goto Cola?

Goto Cola is an herb whom people claim to hold medicinal effect. I need to know if it can minister to my husband who is paralized due to brain stroke.

Hi Melodia.
A stroke is also called a "brain attack." It occur when the blood supply to the brain is stopped. This can kill neurons if they cannot bring back enough oxygen. People who own a stroke may become paralyzed or lose their ability to bargain ("aphasia").
What have your husband.

Melodia, a Goto Cola can't give support to your husband. Not needed to experiment. During convalescence your husband are need, measures to prevent aspiration, wide venous thrombosis, UTIs, pressure ulcers, and undernutrition may be called for. Passive exercises, particularly of paralyzed limb, and breathing exercises are started early to prevent contractures, atelectasis, and pneumonia. Most predictable your husband are need the career and physical therapy to maximize functional retrieval. Most likely involve additional therapy (eg, speech therapy, feed restrictions). Depression after stroke may require antidepressants; many patients benefit from counseling. For rehabilitation, an interdisciplinary approach is best. Modifying risk factor through lifestyle changes (eg, stopping cigarette smoking) and drug analysis (eg, for hypertension) can help adjournment or prevent subsequent strokes.
Jason Homan
Gotu Cola has the following functions:
Diuretic - increases the volume of urine produced by the kidneys. It can be used effectively to treat mild cases of edema when kidney function is virtuous and when the underlying abnormality of cardiac function, capillary pressure, or salt retention is self corrected simultaneously. Diuretics are not an appropriate treatment for edema caused by inflammation of the kidneys, and are useless within cardiac edema associated with advanced kidney insufficiency.

Narcotic - depresses the function of the federal nervous system, inducing sleep and declining pain. By definition, narcotics can be toxic surrounded by excess.

Sedative - quiets nervous excitement and reduce motor activity in need inducing sleep. used in the running of neuroses and in the treatment of anxiety and apprehension accompanying sundry disease states such as hypertension. Sedatives commonly function to induce reversible depression of the central like a cat on a hot tin roof system. Examples of this class are phenobarbital, secobarbital sodium, and pentobarbital.

Tonic -strengthens or tones.
Gotu Cola is able to modernize energy reserves. It increases mental and physical power, combats stress and improve reflexes, have an energizing effect on brain cells, and may assistance prevent nervous breakdown. For this defence, it is called "food for the brain." It relieves high-ranking blood pressure, mental fatigue, senility, and helps the body watch over itself against various toxins. It is immensely rich in the B Complex vitamins, lowers blood pressure, and is an powerful diuretic.

Those with hypotension and low potassium level may want to restrict their use of Gotu Cola.
Gotu cola helps wipe out excess fluids, decreases fatigue & depression, increases sex drive, shrinks tissues, & stimulates the inside nervous system. May neutralize blood acids & lower body warmth. Promotes wound healing. Good for varicose vein and for heart & liver function. Useful for cardiovascular & circulatory disorders, fatigue, connective tissue disorders, kidney stones, poor appetite & sleep disorders.

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