I want to switch from px lasix to something from healthfood store.?

I am currently taking px lasix but want to try some type of herbal lasix beside nettle tea yuk! Any suggestions?

The following foods and herbs are know to hold diuretic properties:

Celery seed (and plant)
Juniper berries
Be exceptionally careful, I assume you hold either a heart condition or kidney problems. If your herbal dont work as very well this could throw you into congestive heart failure or kidney disaster. My suggestion if you want to continue this is to weigh yourself every time, if you're picking up fluid weight, win back on the lasix
Depends on why you're taking the lasix. Is it for blood pressure control, heart bomb, or are you retaining a lot of hose down? The problem with herbal medication is that there is no governmental body overseeing their production. The FDA is responsible for making sure that any prescription drugs are not dangerous and effective and if truth be told contain what is on the bottle as ingredients. Herbal products are not well researched and in that is no guarantee that you're actually getting the ingredients that are tabled on the bottle. Also, if you are taking other medications, it is tricky to know whether the herbal products will interact with your prescription drugs or any other nonprescription drugs you may be taking. So, if you acquire any suggestions, make sure to use them next to caution and update your doctor and pharmacist what you're using so he/she doesn't give you something that may interact.

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