Have you ever experienced acupuncture to successfully treat a disease?

How many treatments did you own to obtain the nouns? Were you provided with nutritional recommendation? What problem were you anyone treated for? Was it covered by your insurance? Were you asked to pay at the time of treatment? Did you soak up the experience? How could it have be better?

I am using acupuncture right now to prevent diabetes, along near exercise, diet modification and Chinese herbs.
As for coverage, it really depends on the insurance company's policy. I foot for mine out of pocket, but for my health, it is worth it.
I do delight in my treatments, it is very relaxing and recharge. The needles may hurt for a few minutes, but it usually fades by the time the partly hour is up.

My only complaint is that my acupuncturist should bring back softer tables!!
I'm a great devotee of acupuncture. I had successful treatments for chronic tiredness and yes, it be in conjunction next to nutrition/diet recommendations. Unfortunately my insurance does not cover it so I have to pay for the 8 treatments myself (totally worth it IMO). I payed after every session and did savour the experience tremendously. I hope you will have similar honest experiences.

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