Has anyone tried the herb grapeseed?

I am wondering if anyone else has tried this herb and does it work? I am looking for something that will assist the veins.

The Vitamin E + Selenium that I hold also has grapeseed extract which is a powerful antioxidant beside naturally occurring polyphenols. I don't know how it works alone but I know one of the benefits of the Vita-E + Selenium is that it improve circulation.

Hope this is useful and for the website surface free to contact me.
No i hav'nt try but i think its accurate because it is herb.
anyway try to look at this site .

Grapeseed extract is an excellent choice. See also (wikpedia or Vitasearch.com) Aortic glycosaminoglycans, bilberry, butcher's broom, citrus bioflavinoids, vitamin C and E, gotu kola, and horse chestnut.

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