To any experienced naturopathic/homeopathics out at hand, what is the best instrument to clear up respiratory sickness?

What is the best way to clear up respiratory disorder whether it is any stage pf pneumonia, bronchitis, toxic inhalation, allergies, even anaphalaxis (naturally/herbally)? A brief history & my experience, I had stage II pneumonia bacterial/viral they never could diagnose it, I go to an urgent care after the strain I fely in my lower posterior, they gave me foreign generation drugs, cipro, & 2 others because inwardly 3 days of treatment with respectively type, I had allergic reaction, mild anaphalaxis, & the only entry that would clear me up was childrens juice Benedril, I would sneeze profusley, feel my chest initiate up, drink a ton of distilled water, & Bio-K (look it up) it be the ONLY pro-biotic, no organic plain yogurt, no super biotics would clear up the ferocious yeast infection I have that multiplied, only Bio-K have 50 BILLION, not the 9 milliom live acidophilus, & cleared that up, but I had to stop adjectives forms of drugs, I could not get them to dispense me the old time cillins (old social group drugs).

Yikes! Poor thing. I use liberating essential oils for only just about everything i hold or get! I approaching to diffuse around the sleeping area usually for respiratory i use lavender, lemon, and blends. I also help yourself to acidophilus. Make sure the oils are of pure beneficial grade. I use with the sole purpose Young Living with amazing results. Check out Essential Science Publishing. They enjoy an Essential Oil Desk reference specifically my bible. I have adjectives three editions. Best of luck!
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