Sore throat?

I have have a verry sore throat for a few days its only hurts hwen I swallow and i try not too but I enjoy to.. I have tried theruflu nighttime, didnt work, I tried the sore throat strips didnt work and the sore throat spray none of that worked.. and I am drinkin the theraflu daytime severe cold right immediately its the lemon drink mix u mix it with melt water and thaw stuff helps it for simply a few swallows.. what else can I do? I t hurts me soo bad to swallow..
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Call the doctor. Could be strep throat and you may need antibiotics.
u requirement to go to the doctors to return with stronger medicine... u may hold stript throat and over the counter drugs wont work.
My grandma always used to clear this hot tea, which she would mix in beside honey and lemon juice. It taste pretty good, and it did the trick too. Also, I own found that the liquid prescription called tylenol sore throat (in a blue bottle) is pretty well-mannered. Here is an example of the tylenol stuff:

gargle with brackish water, but you proabaly own strep throat, you should see a doctor
One good solution is to squeeze somewhat honey into a mug. add nearly 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and saturate the rest of the mug with hot hot hose. Stir it. Drink it when it's just cooled down adequate not to burn yourself.

Works for me. Hope it helps you!!
I am beside the others on this one - sounds like you enjoy tried some otc remedies and it is not feeling better - could be strep and you do not want to fool around near that.
Hope you feel better soon
1Gargarise whit mouth be
.2.Pure lemon,juice,and salt1/4Te spoon.
A drop of peppermint essential grease in heat up water
You inevitability to go to the doctors ASAP! You may hold strep throat which needs to be treated next to antibiotics. If Strep Throat is not treated it can lead to cardiac problems when your elder. You should also be checked for Mononucleosis since you said your sore throat is very uncomfortable, however the doctor will better know if that's necessary when he looks at your throat. Make an appoinment beside your doctor right away. Good Luck!
Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. Gargling with reheat salty river or mouthwash can reduce the stomach-ache and inconvenience. You can find some good home remedies at
Besides of cold medicine, warm fresh slices of pine apple next to light rhum is completely helpful. I used to trick next to few meals of hot plain vessel cakes, but hot millet dish seem work faster.
I'm not sure how long it'll last wothout the meds. The with the sole purpose thing that works for me is pickles , sounds crazy , but it works (for a short time of time).

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