what is biochemical pathway? Give two sample?

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Mushrooms. Peyote.
The neuron net in our brains. The impertinence complex in our bodies.
Biochemical pathway could encompass oodles and diverse areas, as it just money a living chemical pathway. Plants usually convert carbon dioxide through sunlight into Oxygen that helps the planet and sugars. In the human body within are multiple pathways near different systems such as the skin, blood, lungs, liver, glands and kidneys, working individually or together. There are so many processes within the liver with so frequent enzymes, especially as found through drugs and medications, that it is knotty to choose. Bile formed by the liver is one or urea from protein in the diet that go through the kidney. If you looked at a biochemistry book you could find long elaborate formulas of pathway.So your question really could purloin a book to answer. Have fun looking!

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