Marijuana out of my system?

Hi, I have a drug exam tomorrow, and the last time I smoked be near the winding up of July, around the 28th. Two weeks before that I be smoking about 5 times a week since April, so I be wondering if it would be clear out of my system. It has be 38 days since.

My timeline:
April-July 17th or so [5-6 times a week]
july 17th-July 27th [ Twice]
July 27th- now [none]

Should I be worried?

I'm 5'10" 190lbs, for a moment flabby.

Glad you gave your body specs somewhat. you should be perfectly fine, if they speak anything tell them you took some form of allergy medication and that in a minute that that allergy medication should be out of your system you'd like to try again.

If it make ya feel better purloin a hot bath drink closely of water, might minister to a little. probably a moment ago an old smokers account but worth a shot if its really important.
Call Mr. Ray he'll generate you happy!
it take about 1 month for marijuana to acquire outof your system. and if your that worried about it be in motion to rite aid and buy the GMC drink thingie
if you are taking a pee test you so enjoy no problem but if they take blood you done or pelt. that would take at tiniest a year.
Drink lots of water,,cranberry liquid & hope for the best.Drink til your urine is clear in color.If you have more time & some cash,,They put on the market a cleansing drink at your local smoke shop.
You should be fine. 30 days and it's out of your system.
Yeah the person above have it right. if it is a pee test, do adjectives of the things above. drink water continuously until tomorrow. but if it is a quill test, i'm sorry you're screwed
I own heard from some friends that you can drink Certo brand solution fruit pectin and that somehow helps to flush your system. Don't ask me why and please don't try it because it's purely a rumor and if you die I'll feel bleak.
I wouldn't worry in the order of it. You'll come up as clean on the audition.
you're fine. to increase your odds of victorious, dont ever use the first pee of the morning or any pee thats bee sitting in your bladder for a really long time, it have longer to collect metabolized thc, so go within well hydrated
If its a urine exam, you'll probably pass. But if they steal a hair indication as well, consequently you won't.
Drink lots of water, you should in truth be clean by in a minute!
Unless there is something really bizarre more or less your metabolism, which is highly doubtful, you have positively nothing roughly speaking which to worry.
it is according to your metabolism. But the average is 35 days. I would say-so you are o.k. because a lot of populace who smoke pot are probably a little flabby. I know I hold been putting on the pounds

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