Swab drug carrying out tests...thc?

Anyone know how long THC is testable in saliva?

It is going to stay within your blood and saliva the least amount of time. Hair can walk back in the region of 3 months for every inch of hair. A offhand smoker 3-5 joints a week will be contained by urine 4-7 days, these numbers are for job screening D.O.T. exam. It will be in the blood and saliva 2-3 days tops. Numbers amend on usage if chronic user 3-5 joints a afternoon urine=up to 28 days and 5-7 days for blood and saliva.
Sorry no. DOn't use drugs and you won't have to verbs about things resembling this my friend.
i dont think any one would interview for THC in saliva. urine or blood test or even hair test, but not saliva ?
i dont know how long, but you shouldnt have smoked pot contained by the first place.

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