Milk can treat kidney stones?

when you say milk, i can't manufacture an account for it. but next to regards to kidney stones, regular drinking of fresh young-looking coconut juice help a lot. another road is to boil the hairy bit of a corn husk and drink it.
NO not at all !this is a wrong belief ! But here are some Ayurveda medicine available which surely get stone go surrounded by many cases ! I belong to stone prone nouns where river contain large amount of minerals is available !For small and approachable stone one can embezzle tablet CYSTONE drug from Himalaya company and calcury from charak company ! for stone they must drink more water to filter their kidney for not to own deposit any particle !One should not munch through tomato,cabbage ,brown leaves,onion because it is not calcium but the oxalate part of calcium is found responsible for stone formation !ONCE STONE DETECTED THAT MEANS THEY ARE STONE PRONE PEOPLE AND SHOULD TRY TO PREVENT THIS AS WAY LISTED above !ALWAYS YouiRsmE

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