Something for headache and collar dull pain?

Is there a home remedy I can seize that will help headache or neck agony. Might be stress related but not sure.

Hi arkangel,
Tension-type headaches are simply cause by overstraining of muscles. That can be strain of the eyes, face, teeth or muscles contained by the neck for instance. Relaxation and chafe of these muscles can bring immediate nouns. Vascular headaches are cause by a dysfunction of the blood flow in the commander. For still unknown reasons the blood vessel in the skipper take too much blood, dilate too much and cause the pain. Narrowing the arteries brings nouns.

Natural headache remedies which can influence these causes can bring backache relief. Here is an overview of what you can do. Many of the following tips are also adjectives in preventing headache or migraines. Some are good to fracas the pain when the headache have started already:
1. Affect the blood circulation by taking a hot/cold bath or shower, making a cold compress to your forehead, a hot or cold compress to your d¨Ścolletage or/and put your feet within hot/cold water.
2. Feverfew nouns has be a well particular migraine treatment since centuries.
3. Drink a cup of strong coffee. The caffeine narrows the arteries.
4. Lavender and peppermint can relax. You can drink a tea or apply the oil to your temples, nouns and hairline. Please see full article:
Jason Homan
tylenol, asprin, excedrin (prob. best) but one medicine at a time
Haven't used these one-sidedly, but you can buy heat pack. It's a soft pack full of wheat things. You put it in the microwave next apply it to your neck.

They come within different shapes for different parts of the body.
exedrin migraine formula this works for me .
probably stress. sounds like a tautness headache. try to relieve the pressure on your neck and shoulders anyway that is to say comfortable. ibuprofin works well for both symptoms but if you don't hold any meds at home try a warm cloth on your forehead and a heat pad on your d¨Ścolletage.
that might be TMJ problem. TMJ is the jaw bone. you might own some problems with your bite. this is the overnight case most of the time. pls go to your orthodontist and bad tell you, if its TMJ related, your headache and neckpains will be cured. ;)

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