My mom have a really bad/weird stomach throbbing that she doesnt want to business w/ anymore to a point she wishes to die

We have be to a lot of doctors, lots of scan, mri's, medicine, pills, weve tried it adjectives...we cant find anything...anyone out there that might know of some sort of magic spell or something...i get hold of home from work and all my mom does is cry because shes contained by so much pain??

Tell her to transport pain killer, ones the doctors proscribes =)
Try a holistic Dr. that deals near natural remedies, or a Dr. that specializes within nutrition.
The Dr's with adjectives the tests , didn't find anything wrong physically? Is it possibly a depression i.e. causing the strain??. Depression can cause adjectives kinds of problems.
Has your mother ever be check for Crohn's Disease?
Gee Honey, I don't know what to tell you. All I can utter is prayer is all you can do for the moment and I will hang on to her in mine. Hopefully some doctor will read your sound out and will have an answer. In the plan time sympathize with your Mom and give an account her it will get better even though it feel hopeless right now. What in the region of the Mayo Clinic, they often can give support to.
Could it be psychological? Your mom shouldn't be putting all this on you and making you verbs so much about her, is in attendance anyone else in the line that can help? I don't know how older you are but I can hear the emotional strain this is causing you. If she is within so much pain she wishes to die, this is either a medical emergency or a psychological problem. Either channel, someone needs to step within and take some of this burden rotten of you to solve this problem for her. Does she have any brothers or sisters or a polite friend you could tell give or take a few this, that might help? Good luck!!
My step mom have the same problem. She would sprawl in bed and cry because it hurt so much. She go through several doctors who couldn't tell her what be wrong. Eventually one recognized it as a kidney stone. It be there so long they have to perfom surgery to get it out.

If that doesn't work, shift on to the odd exotic section of yahoo. There is a man near that ate live frogs to get rid of a month long stomach soreness.
she should go to the doctor 1 more time later she should take tums evry morning only once though ok
You can find a cramp management specialist contained by your area. Here are some links:

I'm sorry your mother is attitude so poorly. Good luck.
Have you tried a heating wipe, maybe its somthing shes drinking regularly, thats weird that they cant find anything, find a holistic healer surrounded by your area. its the merely thing I can expect of . and of course prayer, try praying for her, God Bless
my mother have a similar problem. she suffered for 10 years before they figure out that she had an intestinal parasite. try an acupuncturist to relieve ease the throbbing and be patient near the doctors they don't know as much as people expect them to. you may also want to try some reiki and chakra corresponding. my thoughts are with you.
Hey self love to try and help, but i own no clue what you mean. You vote ur mom has stomach stomach-ache. What kind of stomach backache. Sharpness, Burning, dull pain, Throbbing. Does it come and stir or is it all the time? Does it crop up more so when she is lying down, standing up, still, moving, walking, or just whenever? Does it come to pass after eating or drinking? Does she hold any other symptoms besides stomach pain, or anything else? (Hives, swelling, red blotches, frenzy, flu like symptoms, headache, nausea, etc.) Help us out here. Give us more info and maybe we can backing you.
Holistic or oriental medicine doctor, and hold a doctor order a PET scan to rule out cancer.

Email me if you approaching, I'd like to hear just about her other symptoms, if she has them; I can hand over you a better direction to look in.

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