Steroids and Asthma?!?

I was watching "House" today and he have a kid with Asthma and told the mother to make available the kid steroids!
What do steroids actually do to your body and can it really support with Asthma?
I've have Asthma for 21 years now (since birth) and adjectives I've ever gotten for treatmend was cortisone.

Steriods are used to supress inflammation. Available forms include : oral , Intravenous (systemic), Inhaled ( puffers) or topical resembling ointments and cream.

I am an X allergy and asthmatic sufferer. Before you win involved with steriods weather inhaled or systemic pop in this site.
Cortisone is a type of sterioid (corticosteriod). Works by calming down the inflammation contained by the lining of the lungs.

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