What is the best OTC sleep aid??

Melatonin. Should you take it, ex. at 9:00 p.m. tonight, you should help yourself to it 9:00 pm. thereafter. It does not have side effects nor cause drug dependency. Another herbs that works for me is Valerian, but be cautious coz it stinks.
Diphenhydramine aka Benadryl
You should wait until adjectives other options are exghausted (no pun inteded) (SP) earlier you go to pills, and be wary on the dosage I took 2 tylenole PM one time and I had to skip university because I wasn't able to wake up myself.
DIPHENHYDRAMINE. This is the generic equivalent to the main ingredient contained by Benadryl, also the ingredient they put in Tylenol PM and most other expensive sleep aids to form you drowsy.

It is marketed as an antihistamine and a sleep aide, so look for generics within both sections. Average dose for sleep is 25-50mg. It is not addictive, and the first entity most doctors recommend when you go to them near sleep complaints.

The cheapest I have found is at Wal-Mart. It is rather bottle of generic sleep medicine (liquid bursting capsules). You get 30 - 50mg liquid-caps for nearly $3.50. SAME STUFF as the high priced stuff.

Of course, if you are a moment ago beginning to use it, try 25mg first.
I use tylenol PM but WATCH what you transport like poster mentioned above... for example...if I appropriate 2 capsules, I am druggy for the subsequent half afternoon. Now I take 1.5...break one contained by half and it works without fault.

Try to figure out what is cause your sleep loss ....using sleep aids isn't fun because eventally it will effect your liver.
If you want to stay with life substances then pick up some Melatonin supplements. This is the intrinsically occurring substance produced in the body the promotes relaxation and sleep. It is also the substance contained by turkey that makes you sleep after that Thanksgiving dinner. Hope this help.
I take Advil Pm, but I don't run 2 I only bear 1 and I don't have the drugged out premonition the next morning...
This one is non-drug - a smoothly occuring substance- I don't know what it is called surrounded by the US but the active ingredient is ... i've thrown out the packet but its doxylamine (may not be spelt correctly) succinate. They work.
Also the anti-histamines which *do* cause you drowsy- promethazine hydrochloride is one. Will also help your allergies! i have an idea that they might be safer to take than paracetemol- depends how much you are taking them.

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