What is the easiest/ most influential style to numb your skin?

I am getting a tattoo on my ribcage of my wife and son... and was wondering what I could possibly do to fall the pain... I know its going to suck, and its going to hurt, but its a pretty big picture and I don't want to twitch and mess it up. Anyone know any solutions?

lidocaine balm. Nothing works just wonderful.
A really big rime pack. All I got sorry
Go to a professional tattoo artist surrounded by your area and present them the picture you would like. They will own a better angle than you for your ribcage and they will numb you properly. It will also definitely be more sanitary.
Anbesol. Topical anesthetic for toothache. Might support, but would take greatly and I don't know how long it would last.
rime it

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