Is it possible for the mind/brain/will to cure any ailment of the body or of the brain?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I cured myself of suicidal depression (when doctors and medicines didn't work) by following the recommendation set forth in a book. On the other foot, I'm still working on fibromyalgia and diabetes. Since doctors have no cure for these, I might as powerfully believe I can find a cure elsewhere... right? I know that believing in a cure carry far more potential than not believing.
not at all
If so, why do we hold hospitals and doctor surgeries?
Pretty stupid question, eh!
nope its call being mortal
hold you been smoking POT or something??

you suppose you're an X-man??
I can lay my hands on your cheek and cure your caries so you don't own to go to the dentist ! Faith dentistry !

Just kid. Lost of really complex things going on in your body, steal a community college biology class, may be fun. There is a measurable positive effect on praying, and also on taking sugar pills if you are told they are drugs.

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I guess a lot of philosophical thought argues that the mind can cure any physical ailment, but intuitively i believe that it cannot - what would one do if one was to be diagnosed near a brain tumour?
It has seriously to do with the personage who believes it. Because that belief will affect what is going inside that particular body. If your conviction or will is very strong, within are some very amazing things you can bring something like, mostly by disciplining your mind not to add cynical thoughts and energy to the restorative process. I have stopped bleeding contained by myself instantly. It rather startled me the first time I did it, but I said no to the cut near everything I had inside me and I pressed my finger on the wound placidly for a moment and it was over next to. I just looked at it, waiting for it to start again, but it didn't. I have a digitial mucous cyst on a finger once and kept massaging it and recounting it no, and it dissolved and never came posterior. These are real events. I once put one of my fingers backbone together after it had be cut rather weakly. It healed without blemish. I have refuse to respond to dental pain and it have obligingly gone away very briskly. These are all true stories, so from my standpoint, yes, it is very possible for your mind to influence the course of curative within your own body. I hold watched it while it happen. I also believe we all enjoy abilities and invigorating knowledge that we a moment ago do not use. It is there in us, but we do not tap into it for some justification. Maybe we do not trust it. I reset my kneecap once when I was fairly young and the entire kneejoint heal perfectly.
Many philosophies guide that Mind and Body are functionaly identical'...what this means is that what affects the mind will also affect the body and visa versa.

The Body is the physical manifestation of the Mind. There are several examples of people curing themselves next to the power of the mind. And much evidence to suggest that an emotional trauma (emtions affecting the Mind) that organize to physical complaints.

Some of the people answering this request for information should do alittle more researching and experimmentation before writing stuff sour.
Yes but in most cases it won't come up. First you have to know that it will treat you. For that you have to stir beyond belief and faith. Once you return with to that state of mind you don't need to be heal. Sort of like a Catch 22
No, it is not. If it be, there would be no death from cancer, heart disease, or old age (resulting from trash to your DNA)! :-)

That being said, your personal mindset and unquestionable behaviors like ingestion and exercise can help to remodel your prognosis, reduce your risk of malady, and extend your lifespan considerably.

So you do have a control over things to a point.

What will not keep one alive is believing within alternative "medicine" that has not be proven to work, or reading new age text that take plus of those who are ill by preaching cures through willpower alone. Modern drug works miracles every day, and will do more to cure the ailments of the body than any form of wishful thinking or homeopathic pill.

That human being said, keep a positive outlook!

Everyone have ch'i (the life force), and by the direction of this go force; it can do amazing things to regenerate the body.

I have be given up for dead five times by the medical profession. I enjoy healed myself of a terminal disease 24 years ago, I heal my right foot and ankle AFTER the doctor suggested amputation above the ankle.

This IS a lot of work so you can develop your power of intentionality to do this; but it is without doubt possible. I have skilled people how to use the power of intention to punch holes contained by clouds three miles away. William Tiller Ph.D, Dean Radin, and many other scientists are exploring the frountiers of consciousness, and the power of intention.

Dr. Tiller is shifting the Ph of water by the power of intentionality and little devices.

Most general public have no clue as to the true power of their consciousness
Your own body can buy and sell with reasonably a lot, but for plentiful problems medical intervention is necessary.
Broken bones are not repaired through will power.
The biggest problems beside force of will healing and invigorating through prayer is lack of instructions and misconceptions as to what is going on. If sure parts of your brain are damaged your hooped, other erudite there are no physical borders as yet discovered. Read "How to repair older injuries..." Do not believe, test and find out for your self.
I believe so yes.Our mind is our most pwerful weapon, and your state of mind can own a serious effect on your health.Im a great believer surrounded by the power of positive thinking, and as a result i never get off-colour!Our every thought creates an action, its how we can turn dreams into truth, and how people who are constantly cynical draw negativity into their lives.I really suggest you read some of Betty Shines wonderful books.Betty was a spiritualist milieu and healer,and studied mind energy for over 30years.Shes written some awesome books on the subject, which for me, totally changed my duration and way of thinking, for the better.
I want to first respond to aphroditeofknidos20. The medical profession is fundamentally good at first aid, but did you know that pills kills over 750,000 ancestors in the US every year. That is approaching 6 jumbo jet crashes every daylight. Can you imagine a 9-11 tragedy every sunshine. Well, it is happening.

Your body have an amazing ability to make well itself if allowed to function properly. You need to fire up to look at what is causing an interference to the health-giving process. Is it your diet with adjectives the preservatives that are in food today. Is it your exercise behaviour, is it your spiritual life, is it your mental conduct (negativity/doubt), is it an interference to your nervous system (chiropractic call subluxation). All these things play a role in robustness. Being healthy doesn't freshly mean you have a feeling good. Imagine if you ate under-cooked pork or chicken... you would probably vomit or own diarrhea. Does that mean you are sick? or is your body working properly by getting rid of the toxin.

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