Strongest weed to smoke?

hi i was wantin to kno wat the strongest weed to smoke is,
ive tried abundant my fav are... white rhino, mazar, cinderella and skunk 1.
does anyone kno any stronger bud thx..

Red Jamaican..
have you tried northern lights? yummy...and pretty potent.
Drugs are fruitless mkay, so don't do drugs.
"gods gift" the brand, is awesome
acupulco gold ingots! so strong it hurts! And the price hurts more!
Why would you want anything stronger than Skunk#1?

If its grown, cured and stored properly its bliss.

You can get weed that get you so paranoid, but what's the fun in that. More importantly what weed keep you high the longest?
The strongest weed I ever smokes be Kona gold.from Hawaii.
Matanuska thunder f *** be amazing too. That came from Alaska.
I don't smoke anymore though. I be wake and baking and my energy was widespread.

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