Whats the best agency to quit smoking?

The way I did it be that I set a date to quit. Then I started cutting down respectively day the amount that I smoked. On the designated daytime, I saved one cigerette, I smoked it that morning and I havent have one since. Granted it was individual 5 weeks ago but so far so good. Its singular at times that I want one but I find something else to think something like or do. Good Luck, I hope you find something that works.
Get pregnant. lol. worked for me.
COLD TURKEY! throw everything out. Ciggs, lighters, ashtrays, open your window, air out your home and vehicle and be done with it, I smoked for lots years and this is how I quit almost 3 years ago, couldn't be happier and healthier!
Have adequate will power to just stop and not wean yourself stale. but if you are not strong enough, try a nicorette gum or using other aids to aid. Some people chew gum or lollipops or carrot instead of having a cig within their mouth. Stay away from people that smoke backing too.
I know a guy that used the lozenger (SP?) but he also popped two tic tac and after awhile all he needed to use where on earth the tic tacs
Ive been trying for years, simply started the new drug Chantix. Been cigarette free for over 3 weeks, and it have been really effortless. I only have one day of really have nicotine fits, then its be easy pretty much. Good luck!!
find something else to be addicted to...
A hot medication called Chantix. It is available by prescription and works markedly well. Worked for me and I smoked for 27 years.
Make a clear choice to quit and write it down in print, and tell adjectives your friends. You have a better arbitrary of keeping your commitment if you tell those. Find an accountability partner, and stop cold turkey. Put all the money you would usually spend on cigarettes in a chalice jar and go for a leave in six months!
get through flowerseeds or eat gum
Cold turkey. Throw away adjectives you ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters etc. Remember, your going to be miserable and moody and a pain surrounded by everyone's *** but you won't die if you don't have that smoke.

Get used to cravings, they taper sour but last for years. It's be 6 years since I smoked and I still want one when things get rough. I'm stronger than that though!
Hyponosis and acupucture.
Hi ,
First of adjectives,well done dreamfrog, great appraoch to quitting.
One technique surrounded by hypnotherapy uses a similar approach to this.
Without knowing why you actually started smoking I will voice that cold turkey isn't always the best answer, since the irritability can be overwhelming to most citizens, and the reasons for have started smoking in the first place play a big division in how you try to stop.

I would recommend you hope out a new interest, a hobby, an excercise plan surrounded by conjunction with your attempt at quitting.
This will give support to alleviate the associated stress.
I wish you the best!
I hold found the Homeopathic Medicine CALADIUM S in 1M potency once a week to be the best relieve in quitting smoking in need any side effects or complications.
Take Care and God Bless

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