I lug adderall and a urine exam?

would they be able identify that it is a legitimate drug and street drug

Yes, they will be able to determine the difference. They use a 5 panel and when the MRO or physician over the lab get the results, they will call you to confirm your medication. You give them your physicians cross and he /she will verify it. It does not register as cocaine as the first poster stated, tho. It shows up as Methyl D which is prescription stimulants. IT is also not a HIPPA issue as you fill out a federal cuff of custody that gives them blessing to check your urine. It it the white and blue form Wal Mart gave you. It should vote LabOne or Quest Diagnostics on it. If you have a official prescription, you will be fine.
You have to state that you are taking adderall because some of the things inside adderall may look approaching cocaine. I know this because i had a appropriation in December (over dose on Demerol..not my imperfection, the doctor prescribed me 100mg's. too much) and i was also prescribed to adderall but hadn't taken it contained by 2 days. But the doctor came to me and said that amphetamines close to what you find in coke be in my system. I have to explain to her that its not, I'm on adderall. So sometimes it could be mistaken, but if you write down you are taking adderall and you don't sign a release from then they can not give the name and confirm what kind of medication you are on. Its a HIPPA privacy rule.

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