Any doctors or smart med students out in attendance?

I stink (people have told me) even though I own really good hygeine and get through really healthy.

People hold recommended taking zinc to stop me from smelling, but I want some confirmation.
Will it stop me from smelling and should I take it?
How much should I transport?

Please don't say step to the doctor because I am unable to (for a mixture of reasons)

I hope you are already using a deodorant, because if you aren't that's the first thing to do! BO is cause by bacteria, so using something close to an antibacterial soap makes sense. I contemplate I'll get some for my son!

Here's some common information:

I found a list of home remedies:
but some of them are really wierd. (Like the one that involves maple syrup and crushed fireflies. Or the "antiquated Russian secret" that relies on chunky peanut butter.)
Another list:
Different sites on the pattern say 30-50 mg of zinc help, but as you can see, it doesn't work for everyone.
Hmm.I can not conclude slickly becasue it depends on how you define "apposite hygiene".

Good hygiene does not necessarily mean taking a tub everyday or twice a day... If this define you of good hygiene, afterwards there's no problem about it. But you should also consider your clothings. Why not check your clothes? Your clothes can be a most important factor in producing "foul or body odor". You see, in that are several microorganisms that live in your clothes even it is laundried and dried. Those microorganisms are few when you wear a dry verbs clothes. But when your sweat touches your clothes, they will surely love it. So what would be the effects? They well tend to multiply and act in response to your sweat which contains several chemicals that once cleaved by the bacteria, the gamble away product would be a gas (which is responsible for the foul smell)

If the stinky odor is mainly coming from your armpit, try to use a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant... Check the product if it contains zinc becuase it have an anti-microbial property.

In terms of your diet, try to avoid spicy foods such as next to onions, garlic, and other chili foods.
washing and personal hygiene is top of the register, and eating other fresh fruit and veg, plenty of water

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