Sore, Raw Mouth-Vitamin Deficiency>?

I have an incredibly natural, sore mouth. I believe it is due to yeast overgrowth in my body & some type of vitamine less. Any ideas on which vitamin? (I'm thinking B-12--just starting giving myself shots of hydroxycobaline.) Any other suggestions?

You are trying to second guess a professional. Yes, the headache and rawness could be from a vitamin deficiency or from other cause too, so go to a physician but don't lately begin treating yourself, Vitamin B12 is needed for cell synthesis, but will probably do little for your problem. If you insist on treating yourself, nick a B complex vitamin, and begin to remodel your diet...most vitamin-related problems come from a poor diet...lack of fresh fruits, grain and such.
Possible geographic tongue?
Get yourself a multi, such as Spirulina or Perfect Food by Garden of Life. Nutrients tend to have a synergistic effect.
Avoid saline & crunchy stuff for now.

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