What are some source to be given medicinal marijuiana?

I don't want any, I've just hear a kid from school needed it, and abused the prescription. I newly wanna know some reasons for getting medicinal drugs.

in attendance are many reason for medical marijuana. most prescriptions are for pain control. a lot of cancer patients are prescribed medical marijuana to assist near dealing with torment that results from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. other reasons medical marijuana might be prescribed are for depression, headaches/migranes and drinking disorders.
Usually only cancer ancestors or those with a terminal bug use it.
For pain nouns. It's generally used contained by patients who are really, really sick -- like next to cancer.
glaucoma, cancer patients (usually the ones on chemo) don't know of any others, but there probably are.
It's usually prescribed, as a final resort, for any serious PAIN- that does NOT otherwise respond to other pain medication.
You shouldn't use it even if your doctor rcommends it. It's still illegal, because the state senate may legalize medical marijuana, but it's unauthorized in the national political affairs, which hold more power than the state government.
Chronic misery. I know a couple of people within chronic pain who self medicate.

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