Marijuana smokers!?

my boyfriends thinking about buying a bong bring he's tired of rolling up, whats ur input on bongs

Water bongs cool the smoke so they don't hurt the lungs. If he was using tobacco contained by his joints smoking it pure within the bong would be better for him. Vapourisers vapourise grass so you hardly discern the smoke and they aren't bad for you at adjectives. Bongs also save you from inhaling the chemicals surrounded by the papers that help the weekly burn well. However he smokes it, remind him to cogitate good thoughts while smoking, they are magnified. One drawback bongs enjoy is that it's hard to smoke outside surrounded by nature. The best place to consecrate the sacrament of Mary Jane is surrounded by nature: forests, parks, sand, garden etc.
I love bongs!! He should also try a pipe because sometimes its a hassle to smoke out of a bong.
Water bongs use more 'tobacco' but are quick and simplified for the goal we are adjectives trying to achieve.
Personally, I mostly use cup bowls because they use less and are more portable. I could never put in the picture anyone not to buy a water bong, though. :) He should bring back one when he wants to reward himself for something... approaching a work bonus or just to groove life.
it should certainly get him high.
they are awsome! just remind him to look for one beside a carb (small hole) for the proper release of all the smoke. But dont travel next to it anywhere! you will get busted.
Look up a ROOR !! They're probably the best instrument to take you incredibly high ;)
I prefer pipes, they're easier to pelt and just all-around more convenient. A nice wet bong or gravity bong is always fun too, though.
love em, cup is the way to jump for sure
Roor's kick ***, also double peculators dominate the league of getting stoned
I find that using a bong really save money. You get your regular buzz with just half the bits and pieces. I think your BF will wallow in a bong.
i think they're a dribble away.
you will end up lighting it adjectives up, where as rolling creates a controlled burn, so you dont' surplus it. also, with a pipe, after you procure the green burned off the top, the rest of it taste like ash, disgusting.
Try a vaporizer. It in actuality doesn't burn the smoke, it heats it up to the point of evaporation, so you don't inhale the carcinogens. That road no one can communicate you "it's bad for your lungs" because it's approaching inhaling steam.

Plus it's a really clean and smooth illustrious, no coughing.
Bongs are fun. They give you more smoke, and verbs the smoke somewhat (but are NOT completely safe - adjectives smoke is bad for your lungs). There are adjectives sorts of bongs, from cheap plastic ones, to beautiful expensive cup pieces. For the distinguished user, there are bong expansions similar to diffusers.

A glass or metal pipe is smaller quantity expensive and far easier than either a amalgamated or a bong. But nothing really compares to doing big bong rips near your friends!

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