Supplement Question Whats is SpectraMin?

im taking a supplement my holistic doc gave me

It's a chelated mineral product. A chelated mineral is a mineral bounded to an amino tart for better absorbtion, and usable by the body.

Also too, you may not want to take anything your holistic doc give you unless you know WHY your taking it, and WHAT it is.

Just because something is a supplement doesn't always be going to it is safe.

The WORST article you can do in this industry is cart things and not know WHAT they are or do. Yours is only a mineral, but citizens do this with adjectives sorts of things. You have 18yr weak kids taking these things to increase test production resembling....

4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol ^u

Now you tell me what that method? Not YOU personally, but 99% of the relations out there wont know, but your freight lifting crazed teen will buy the so called product only knowing that it is called H-Drol and used for bulking.

Sure the one above is more of a problem than a mineral product, but a supplement is a supplement and they should adjectives be RESEARCHED before a being takes them.

1. What is the ingredient(s)
2. What is their purpose(s)
3. What are their side affects if any
4. What are the dosages for the ingredients, and toxic level if any

Then you go from here. Hope this helps.
Have you ever hear of the Internet and search engines? I found over 120 reference to Spectramin there.
it sounds outstandingly simply like a brand entitle of a broad spectrum of minerals

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