To those who prompt on wet: when does the unpromising breath usually step away? And other question on fast?

On what day does the unpromising breath go away? In my experience it go completely away only after returning to food again. What more or less you?
And also the first day my heart started to hurt like mad while it usually doesn't, the second day it be less and immediately it has almost stopped hurting. Anybody have such, any ideas why is this scheduled? I thought that meant that my heart be not really strong even if it didn't hurt while normal enthusiasm.
The other question is going on for the quantity of dampen that can be consumed.. It's just that surrounded by just 2 days I hold drank like 15 or more liters of hose down. Well, I just drink every time I want but isn't it crazy to drink that much?
Thank you,

Hmm you're interview sounds medical, why are you fasting? Whats wrong next to your heart? See a DOCTOR fast.

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