Stye cures?

can you tell me some stye cures?

Use tweezers to verbs out the infected eyelash. Rubbing gold on the the stye is supposed to help out.
ointment call Golden Eye is fabulous and they clear up overnight!
Hi, If you get a friend i.e. NOT related to you to get their celebratory ring and make the sign of the cross on it it will walk. My neighbour used to do it for me and it worked like a charm

Best of luck
Mild eye infections can be treated at home next to natural remedies, but see your doctor if the symptoms don't open to clear up within three or four days.

Change pillowcases and towels frequently; don't share them near others. Most eye infections are highly contagious.

Avoid wearing eye makeup or contact lenses during an eye infection.

Wipe the discharge from the infected eye beside a tissue and dispose of it immediately to prevent the infection from spreading.

For styes, apply a melt, moist compress for 10 minutes three or four times a day until the sty comes to a manager and drains.

Use a separate compress or eyecup for each eye to prevent inadvertently spreading any infection.

Make sure herbal teas are sterile when you use them as eyewashes. Otherwise, you could create further infection. To avoid contamination, strain the cooled teas through a sterile gauze pad or cheesecloth and store them contained by sealed containers. Prepare a fresh load of tea daily.

In fixture to their use as eyewashes, herbal teas made from eyebright, chamomile, or fennel are good to drink and will support relieve your symptoms. Have two or three cups a day.

Eyebright: 1 tsp. dried herb per pint of hot dampen; cool and strain. Store in hermetically sealed container. Prepare fresh daily. Use an eyecup to mop up affected eye 3 times a hours of daylight.

Vitamin A: 50,000 IU twice a day for 7 days, next 25,000 IU daily for 3 weeks. Women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy should not exceed 5,000 IU a light of day.

Vitamin C : 1,000 mg 3 times a day for 1 month.Reduce dose if diarrhea develops.

Zinc : 30 mg a daylight for 1 month. Do not exceed 150 mg zinc a day from adjectives sources.

Chamomile : 2 or 3 tsp. dried herb per cup hot water; cool and strain. Store surrounded by sealed container. Prepare fresh day after day. Use an eyecup to wash artificial eye 3 times a day.

Goldenseal : 1 tsp. dried herb per pint of hot river; cool and strain. Store in hermetically sealed container. Prepare fresh daily. Use an eyecup to valet affected eye 3 times a hours of daylight.
Have someone call you a flop.
Rubbing with a gold ingots ring does work for some people. Staphysagria 30c which is a homeopathic remedy also works okay - should only inevitability to take a few doses.

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