Sleep Aid Recommendation?

Can someone recommend an Over the counter or natural sleep aid? My Doctor give me a script for presciption sleep aid, but I'd close to to hear about any nouns with other things. Thank you!

Bendryl its used for allergies but can also be used for sleep! A doctor reccomended it to me past.
Hope I helped. (Because you help me)
Tylenol PM's always put me right to sleep. Works similar to a charm, every time. It was a nice, adjectives sleep until morning.
Anti nausea medication works well. Makes you drowsy and sleepy, also not craving forming.
My mother has be using Sleep Easy( I think it's call that) - it's a new brand of Tylenol PM specifically for sleep. For a more intuitive approach, chamomile tea is pretty soothing.
Half a glass of red wine.
Melatonin, it can be bought OTC and is a innate sleep aid.
Herbal teas, go for a run and tire yourself out. try meditation and listen to soft music. read a book.
I hold tried every OTC sleep aid out there to be precise sold in America. I help yourself to a combination of Ambien CR along with 2 Benadryl at darkness. I also take Valerian & melatonin.
Cammonmile and lavender droplets on your pillow you be out contained by no time.
I agree with the anti-nausea med,,similar to generic gravol,,but if you have tried prescription meds and within now working after neither will the gravol,,myself the doctor has put me on Trazadone for sleeping,,50mg,,and they work,,finally found something that will afford me 8 hours of no waking sleep...I hold tried alot and this one is doing the trick for me,,about 1 hour formerly bed time and I sleep well,,some passionate dreams thought,,but part of the side effects,,but specifically ok..I enjoy dreaming,,so ask your doctor roughly speaking this drub,,might work for you to,,good luck and sweet dreams
Valerian Root is flawless for relaxing your nervous system and helping you decline asleep. Avoid driving or working on machinery when using it.
I ended a 2 year bout next to insomnia drinking Himalayan Goji Juice. Nothing else worked. Not only did it assistance me sleep every night, but I also eliminate hot flashes, night sweats, headache and heartburn. My nails and fleece are growing very like greased lightning as well.
It is the just food on earth that contains 4 untaught polysaccharides which flush out your receptor cells and support your DNA to communicate. It is an Adaptogen, so it is effective for adjectives auto-immune disfunctions.
Just the fact that I sleep excellent very soon and will never have to embezzle meds again, made it well worth it for me.
There are plentiful ways to cure insomnia. Treatment depends on different factors such as the motivation and the severity of insomnia or possible underlying problems.

You can try one of the OTC sleep aids containing diphenhydramine. If you'd like to use herb, the most popular herbal remedy for insomnia is valerian root.
Often people use a popular dietary supplement - melatonin.

If the rationale of insomnia is just an environmental factor, it is relatively flowing to overcome it with change in your lifestyle.

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