Can any one inventory any alternative treatments for treating my anxiety and depression?

does any one no any good herb,or how to make here own medicin from plants or any good books on the subject, i hold tried prescription drugs and they dont work very ably,i have smoked the devil weed and i touch as if it helps the best but plentiful people argue near me on this manner, so i am trying any entity i can to injoy life again, any angelic sugjestions, i am open minded. i looked up this contemporary prescription drug called wellbutrin,its sapose to be similar to cocain,so i might try it even though i enjoy never tried cocain before i enjoy heard it make you feel well brought-up,and if it comes from a doctor it is safe right ha ha ha ha...........

This might nouns weird but after oodles years of being both emotionally unstable and suffering regular and prolonged bouts of depression I have a food sensitivity test. Having eliminate the problematic foods I have discovered I am truly one of the most stable people I know, not at adjectives given to mood swings or depression.

Also, I work as a colon hydrotherapist and Ihave noticed that every time someone comes to me who is depressed they are other the ones who drink no or very little sea. Dehydration can make you depressed.

Also, the ISA Experience can be a great give support to - have a look at their net site at - hope this helps.
mmmmm!!! be in motion to see a psychiatrists i say
try st johns wart supposed to be really dutiful
relaxation techniques will oblige, and a good friend or doctor who supports you.
Stick at it you will grain better.
Try getting your thyroid levels checked, awfully similar symptoms to depression.
Mary Shomons web site is worth a look, it give you all the symptoms for hypothyroidism
I've be on Wellbutrin- but I've been on meds for over 5 years and usually they pass me a cocktail- which is 2-3 meds at the same time. Can't influence I remember much about the drug, but after audible range you, I might ask to try it again,but without anything else for awhile. All drugs for anxiety and depression trip up into 3 categories- maoi's (which they never like to hand over you because if you OD on them you die), tricyclics, which I think wellbutrin is, and anti-anxiety/depression meds---check wellbutrin out at webmd.- it's a great site that give you the pros and cons-- and getting our opinion really doesn't situation because all drugs deed differently with respectively you hold to try it to see if it works---make sure you read how long you have to be on it back you feel "relief" because that vary too and you don't want to nix a med if you werent on it long enough to support you....good luck to you...........and surrounded by the meantime---eliminate anything and all that cause anxiety in your life---when you attain the hype taking over you, sit calmly and judge peaceful thoughts- for me, I'm sitting on a coast and it is so sunny I'm squinting and I'm watching the waves and listen to the sound of them splashing against the white soft sand and I can get the impression the warmth of the sun on my obverse and body...but the sound of the's like a rocker...newly rolling in and rolling works for me...I hope it help you.
For ten years Ive suffered from bouts of depression. What works better than any drug is exercise. Go to the gym twice a week and lift weights. This will stimulate your brains unconscious production of seratonin which is the chemical that regulates happiness. Plus your look better which help with confidence. The herb St. johns wort is a crude antidepressant that works almost as well as prescription SSRI's. Beleive it or not placebo is freshly as effective as anything on the marketplace right now. So bring an attitude that your not sick and focus on other things in your life span besides the symptoms of the disease.

In my situation went for a moment extreme and quit eating meat, and adjectives drugs except tea and coffee and started going to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day for the final two years. But that happens when you cant shake this disease. One light of day you crack and are willing to do anything to draw from ahead of it. I still get blue when the snow hits, but Im well again and wiser than couldve ever imagined. So keep your principal up and keep your friends close by. Chances are oine daytime you'll wake up and look support on the person you are today and wonder 'who the heck be that guy?'
I cannot brag enough around the B family vitamins! B-50 or B-100 is great for your entire body system, especially your nerves and mental state. Remember to catch the right B vitamins. The B-complex vitamins are okay, but doesnt work as good. I work contained by childcare where in attendance is noise and stress adjectives day, but near B-50 in me, it keep me mentally and physically CALM! exercise will help your mental state closely also-just walk at smallest 3 days a week or join a gym. You will be amazed how much it will facilitate along with the B vitamins. There is a path to conquer this thing call "depression" without detrimental prescribed drugs.

I think you should jump to homoeopathy Dr and also Reflexology is very appropriate homoeopathy and Reflexology both together work well and also support with various problems, i my self qualified Reflexologist so find near you one than see what a accurate benefit from it. good luck
I've suffered from depression for years and finally started meds. They don't assistance me either. Excercise is what works best for me! I resembling to alternate between something very strenuous sooner or later and something relaxing, ie Yoga the next. Yoga have helped me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I hope you find what works for you. I hope you try excercise formerly the wellbutrin.

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