What is Turpintine used for? How do you know if a child have worms?

My mom says my 2 year out-of-date daughter has worms and I should put turpentine on her to exterminate the worms. Have anyone ever heard of this?

Hi nicky, the adjectives symptoms presence worms:
diarrhea, foul breath, dark circles, fancy hungry regularly, restlessness while sleeping, suffering from headaches and abdominal discomfort, undernourished, weak, suffering from allergies, constipation, gas and bloated stomach, if your a child have this symptoms most likely he have worms.

Worms are the culprits for many of the strength problems which we face surrounded by our daily lives. People of any age are artificial by these worms. The longer they stay in our body the faster our body starts deteriorating. Worms are thieve as they consume important nutrient adjectives for our body.

I would recommend a thorough examination your child by your doctor. This will backing detect any developing health problems as hasty as possible.
Jason Homan
Is your mom a witch?

Did she mix some turpentine up in a cauldron beside eye of newt and eagle talons?
For being that stupid my direction is you drink the turp and find out what happens. (Clue: it burns and results contained by death)
best way to find out: dont ask hit and miss ppl on Yahoo! ask a specialist, go 2 ur child's doctor if u are that concerned in the order of it
it thins paint..
your mom is not mentally stable ..never put turpentine on any human especially a child..this is child abuse..see a physical doctor..
never ever do that =you could be charged with child abuse=go to the drugstore and obtain some worm medicine for the child
Good grief, are you trying to shoot this chid? Your mother is insane. If there is something wrong beside the child, take her to a Dr. Your mother should be reported for child assault. Don't allow her to be anywhere near your daughter. She is a risk to her.
Turpentine is a paint thinner. No! Do not put that on your child. Read the warning - do not come contained by contact with skin. OMG! If your daughter have pin worms (1/4 inch white worms in the anus) she requirements to be seen by a pediatrician. Also, other worm variety can be picked up from undercooked meat, contact with animal feces (yard, sand box). Have her see by a medical professional, please.
thats a very behind the times fashioned cure. If you pour turpentine on your daughter you will be guilty of abuse. Turpentine removes paint. that's it. PAINT.
to even ponder of doing this is asinine. To cure worms, you take her to the doc, he analyzes her stool example and prescribes the appropriate meds.
If she is itching in her anal nouns she should be seen by a doc. and you really have need of to move away from your mother.
If you think your daughter have worms take her to the doctor and he will describe you for sure and fix it easily and undamagingly.

Turpintine is a paint thinner, solvent made from certain distilled pine sap.

Don't play games beside your kid's health. Get your boss out of your behind! If you love your kid and I know you do after forget quack stuff .
Didn't you get any honourable answers to "How do I stop lying?" ?
You're a pre-teen, have an 8 yr ripened, 2 yr old and 1 year frail you are bathing in bleach?
Why would she hold worms?Does she play in the pen where on earth pigs where raise?Goats?Dogs?
Your mom must be elderly or from the bback woods where within lets say-1930's they wormed kids if they looked 'white around the lips' - 'Itched their butts adjectives the time' 'or were 'hungry adjectives the time ' back next they didn,t have T.P and raining wipes w/antibacterials added [CrAzY] Don,t put this on your child this is 2007 hold her to a health dept if hold no insurence,They will take a stool indication and will give you the PROPER TREATMENT for the TYPE she May or May Not enjoy.
Humans DO GET Parasites and just approaching lice you don,t keep them you grasp Medication..
And to those out there There ARE 2 Types of Turpintine .
Don,t believe me?Call the Vetranarian ,Pharmacist or paint supply company in the vicinity you,
if this is what your mom prescribes, im amazed you survived long enough to enjoy children of your own.

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