What vitamins and/or herb are best to treat depression & fatigue?

I keep cliché this and I can't stress it often adequate, Depression is NOT a one size fits all disease and treating it as if it is could if truth be told be quite devastating.
I agree near the answers which recommended exercise, but please be extra careful something like making huge dietary changes or taking any herbal remedies short first of all discussion to a health professional.
it can be a mine grazing land treating depression even with expert guidance, so accepting everything you read on here is really not the best means of access forward. left untreated or deal with within the wrong way depression can organize to suicide in masses sufferers.
And be very measured if you do decide to purloin a health supplement or St John's Wort because they can enjoy serious side effects with a intact host of other medications, and absolutely never ever mix St John's Wort with a prescribed Anti depressant.
The best soul to talk over aspects of depression/anxiety/fatigue beside is your doctor because it could be thyroid problems which a simple blood test would sort out, Depression can be cause by all posture of things not just nutritional issues.
Actually the best entity to do is exercise. Exercise boosts your metabolism, giving you more energy. Not individual that it releases endorphins, which is the "feel good" hormone, which can elevate your mood.
excercise. your body will intrinsically secrete what you want to feel worthy... some people say aloud st. john wort, but everyone reacts differently, if at adjectives...
I would take a serious look at adjectives aspects of your life. Are you getting proper nutrition? Are you getting plenty sleep? Are you drinking enough marine? Are you drinking too much coffee or cola? Are you getting enough exercise? Do you entail to cut out certain behaviors? A multivitamin and calcium supplement should be satisfactory for you if you are getting everything else.
St John's Wort is commonly used to treat mild to moderate depression.

These will help:

Extra Vitamin C and E (1,000mg and 200mg)
Vitamin B complex
(you can rob extra B and C because it is water soluable and pass through the body if you get excess)
Ginko Biloba
Cayenne (read book by Sam Biser)

Also I outstandingly recommend Bach Flower Remedies. You can look this up online too. Or get the book The encyclopedia of Bach Flowers Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer. This program be started in the UK and the Company is still contained by the UK. This is a natural flower remedy for frequent ailments and it is supposed to work. I will be taking it soon too.

But you can buy them at a better price at Wild Oats Heath Food Store or maybe another one contained by your area. Call them and ask.
There are different floral tinctures that you mix next to water or put below the toungue that help beside many condition like depression and so oodles more. Take the test on the website and it will detail you which ones you need. Since it may utter you need oodles I would only start beside the one for depression first. But you can take up to 7 at a time. They seem to be to run $15 for a tiny vial at Wild Oats but it lasts fairly awhile.
Please go to at hand site and read the testimonials.

Another thing would be a biddable intestinal colon cleanse. I am on one right now and it be paid you feel great it get all the toxins out. Go to www.drnatura.com and read the testimonials nearby. I love this stuff and I am on the Colonix and Toxinout right now. At lowest possible check it out you will be glad you did.

First detoxify your body, by putting yourself on a 3 day liquid diet.

recommended food:
Depression is often cause by inadequate nutrition. Even if thats not the crust with you, a nouns diet will help create a improved brain chemistry. Eat a good diet perched with carbohydrates from sources close to whole grain, vegatables and legumes. Complex Carbs are high within serotonin, a defiency of which can cause depression and insomina.
Soy, beans, lean poultry, eggs, nuts (walnuts are excellent) and seed are excellent sources of protein, which will boost your energy level. Have some several times a day.
Consume cold sea fish, such as salmon, mackeral, and cod, three times a week.
You need to save your sugars regulated, so instead of eating 3 hulking meals a daylight, try 5 to 6 smaller ones.
Consume 1 tablesppon of ground up flaxseeds daily. This is a polite source of fiber and essential fatty acids. Spinkle on a salad or mix in a shake.
Add 1 tablesppon of flaxseed grease or an oil blend to your salad on a daily basis for healthful essential fatty acids.

Foods to Avoid:
Many depressed people hold hidden food allergies. Any food is a potential, but wheat is the product most repeatedly linked to depression.
Dramatically induce your intake of hydrogented and wringing wet fats, which with the sole purpose increase fatique and sluggishness.
Caffeine and refined sugars may clear you feel temporarly better, but your body soon crashes from the elevated, leaving you more exhausted or irritable. They also deplete necessary nutrients from your system. Eliminate these substaces from your diet. Alcohol is a depressent so avoid wine, beer or liquor. If you are so unhappy that you get the impression you need alcohol collaborate to a therapist. You may hold a drinking problem or are headed for one.

Vitamins that help- ask a pharmacists at the pharmacy

Vitamin B complex: (B6, B12)
Fish grease
Ginkgo biloba
Hi I've been researching the benefits of omega 3 and 6. they oblige your brain function normally (which is what go wrong with depression) own a look at www.vegepa.com, I have depression and enjoy found that antidepressants are only partly the battle - you have need of to do alot of self help surrounded by regards to thinking positivly and taking positive steps...this is the most major part and supplements can support you get through - they wont fix it for you disappointingly...
one of the first detectable sympyoms of deficiency of vitamin c is depression. chronic depression, fatigue, and loss of sense of capably bieng can occur even near mild deficency of vitamin c.
depression also occures commonly with deficency of folic sharp.
recommendation:cart 2-5 mg of folic acid day by day, along with a 50-100 mg dose of vitamin b-complex, as capably as a timed release 500 mg dose of vitamin c.
Hi there,
your body truly requires at least 19 different vitamins and three minerals every light of day to function normally. A correct multi vitamin tablet will help beside this, but not the ones you find in the local stores, gain a good one. They will facilitate wit the fatigue but the best thing for i.e. simply protein, this is what your cells are made up from and they necessitate feeding every time to stay well. I would also suggest a couple f other htings that will help your stress and anxiety, try schizandra plus, its a made from beriies, mineral, vit C and E and also something called relax presently made from all colloquial herbs. try myhealthabcmall.com and look within the cellular protection and mood enhancers tabs. I hope this help, it certainly have helped me next to a lot of my problems. Good luck.
I understand with your situation. My mother also suffers from chronic depression and fibromyalgia but is stuck within this situation because of financial trouble. I can’t wait till I can facilitate her take control of her condition with chiropractic thoroughness.
Research shows that depression medications enjoy more negative side effect than beneficial and in that is actually no quantifiable evidence of how they work. If a doctor tries to tell you that you enjoy a chemical imbalance next ask them if there is any try-out that can show this and they won’t be able to answer you because nearby is none. The fact is that they own no idea why various people are depressed. It have been indicated that long occupancy use will drive a person further into depression as these medication ultimately lead to severe chemical imbalances within the brain. This is why they up dosages. Also one of the biggest side effects of psychotropic drugs is suicide and homicide. If you read about most of the arts school shooting and many suicides the soul was just now put on a psychotropic drug. Medication is not an answer for depression.
Chiropractic care have been indicated by research to be more forceful than taking psychotropic drugs. Subluxations of the spine have be shown to cause serious problems inside the central coy system that can cause depression and oodles other serious health problems.
There are several other things that you can do to help next to depression also, from diet (reducing sugar and grains), exercise, supplementation with a suitable omega-3 such as a fish oil, and meditation.

You should also pilfer a look at these sites. Also the book by Dr. Olsen is amazing and I suggest reading it.
For depression and fatigue, the herb Jiaogulan works probably better than anything else. And for depression, flax seed grease helps profusely too.

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