Strange acupuncture/stone put somebody through the mill?

ok I’m kind of a alternative tablets hobbyist, with a focus on body mechanics, I distribute killer massage
… a few nights ago I have this strange dream (not erotic at all) where
I be watching some one (the small Asian master kind of persona ) make a contribution a woman a hot/cold stone treatment, and after they had adjectives been placed he reach behind him and
pulled out these strange needles (they looked similar to 3 needles put together, with the one within the middle pointed the other way, the 2 pointed surrounded by the same direction have a band of color on the tip) from a jar and inserted them within to a small gap within the stone, the client didn’t seam to notice (too num or relaxed I meditate, many society don’t notice them within general that much)
later he carefully removed respectively rock, careful not to touch the nozzle, after that was done he turned around again, and pulled out tuning forks near the same colors, he struck them on the table astern them and waved his hand (some times holding 2-3 forks at once) over the young la

Tuning forks are frequently used surrounded by alternative healing sessions. The chakras hold tonal vibrations, and the forks are used to raise or enhance the chakra pulsation to its natural tone.

This is also done beside other musical instruments. Pick up some Steven Halpern new age music CDs. It will tender you a better idea of what I am discussion about.
I've hear of tuning forks being sounded and placed onto (or of late above) chakras or other meridian points. I don't know exactly what the name of that dream therapy was, but it be obviously combining sonic medicinal and meridian therapy.

Sorry I can't be of more comfort!
Love the dream!

Yes, sound quivering is often used contained by acupuncture and Oriental medicine surrounded by general. Also, as part of a set of your dream, color therapy is used within Oriental medicine.

We use adjectives types of instruments to produce sounds that resonate (I love Tibetan singing bowls) and clarify the qi of certain organ systems. I am taking advanced medical qi gong training and we are using tons of voice tones to be a foil for organs.

Keep up with the devout works!
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