What would be the best home remedies that I can use to cure my cold ?

something like heaps of lemon and hot tea. Eat like mad of garlic etc.

Any suggestions ? Any thing that I can buy surrounded by a supermarket and without complicated recipe

Zinc tablets; zinc throat lozenges. Cold Ease also works by reducing severity & duration of cold.
Sleep with humidifier running contained by bedroom.
Homemade chicken soup.
4 parts the blackest black tea you can buy
1 part bourbon whiskey, I reccomend maker mark. Irish whiskey also works.
incorporate honey to taste and drink it suddenly.
Chicken Noodle Soup is good for a cold and so sprite , I hope you seize well soon !
sleep,chicken noodle soup or other soups approaching a spicy one,hot tea of any kind near lemon, and lots of liquids to drink. perferably tea and sea.
Two things: Lot's of fluids (water) and rest. Otherwise you can only treat the symptoms not the cold itself. Whenever unsure, run see your doctor - a real professional.
You're immune system works mostly while we are sleeping, so sleep.
And it works smaller number when you eat sugar. Sugar beat your immune system down and makes you adjectives to colds.
A lot of vitamn C and water to engineer your body inhospitable to germs.

Good luck
Umcka.You buy it at the health food store and some grocery stores hold it.Buy the purple bottle with the dropper,it works best.You won't spy immediate results,but if you help yourself to it faithfully,within about two or three days,your cold will be completely gone.If you enjoy an infection it won't work,but it will cure a cold.Try it,it even got rid of my husbands bronchitis in need antibiotics.
Sink your teeth in a few lemons.

Also, check out something call Lactoferrin..a bovine protein that has emerging robustness benefits. It can be claimed to be an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial, along with stopping things such as cancer growth or preventing it per se. Really great stuff.
garlics? yeap it have know to help but the smell is unpardonable..chicken soup? try mushroom soup! i read somewhere that it's the Japanese mushroom called maitake that works the sleight of hand...the easiest way is to rob vitamin C...easy to return with in the marketplace and any pharmacy..once u realise that ur getting a cold, immediately permeate ur body with vitamin C as it help to maximise ur immune activity to exchange blows off the infection... or u can simply try Transfer Factor, it works for me!
Vitamin C, lots of wet and lots of sleep.
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There are so many great suggestions already!

When you hold a cold, you must decide what the moral fibre of the cold is. Example: Sometimes you have a sore throat, have a feeling feverish, and enjoy a headache with congestion that have color. In Chinese medicine, this would qualify as Wind Heat and we use herb that are cooling in disposition and will produce a sweat like elder, echinacea, honeysuckle.

If you enjoy a cold with shivers, clear discharge and tightness within the neck, you probable have Wind Cold which requires spicy warm herbs that produce a sweat close to garlic, ginger, and green onions.

I agree that the common sense stuff approaching resting and drinking plenty of water will serve, and I so believe in Chicken Soup. I own to laugh at these commercials that awaken us to mask the symptoms so that we can procure back on the big hamster joystick of life on not miss a single time of work. Definitely rest!

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