How can I find a homeopathic MD that offer pediatrics?

I don't like traditional drug and I'm looking for a pediatrician that leans toward homeopathy. How can I find one? I've looked adjectives over the internet.

FYI-I'm in Westchester county, NY

There probably isn't a medical doctor that go to actual medical school explicitly a homeopath. Kinda goes against the tangible science and medical part of the anyone in the pasture of medicine. You're have trouble finding one because they probably do not exist. You have to be your own robustness care promoter, so seeing a regular pediatrician doesn't mean you hold to agree 100% with what he does or recommend. Just be sure you do what you have to do to save your child healthy.
Try this intermingle -> I found my doc there.

also read this .gov connection -> (it doens't provide you practitioners but there is some flawless info, also gives you a perpective from the other side)
can you put in the picture me your city so that i can help you
dr. dhawan india

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