I want adjectives the tip n information on "Salvia"??

Salvia divinorum... First off BE CAREFUL! The leaves are somewhat mild... the extract is similar to LSD mixed with a whip-it... It is know as the divine sage... it is believed to any show you god or contain the spirit and essence or Mary... It is called "ska Maria pastora"... translated this mingy the herb of the sheperdess. This is not always pleasant as extracts can motive wild out of body experiences.. you will leave your job so fast you may drop the pipe because you wont know you are holding it... complete loss of authenticity. Dont try this like it is some recreational drug... no angelic for parties/social time. it is religious and or spritual... I dont know anyone who has done it who is like after... Personally i love it.. and sell it... but... its not for everyone... enjoy a trip sitter present... I almost dove out a window my first time... not that i could control it... i wasnt next to my body... luckily my friend was in attendance to save me... read adjectives you can on erowid.org about it... it will probably be dubious soon anyways... again.. this is not for the weak at heart or mind... words cannot commence to describe the profoundness of the salvia experience... or the sometimes wonderful unpleasantness... do your research.. knowledge is power.. and salvia is a impressively powerful teacher.
you connote saliva---they are a really awesome rock band
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