Taking a plant extract for something the sign does not specify?

Okay, so my friend did some research on acne, and he said:

"These are foods and herbs we're conversation about here! Not medication! They aren't designed for a specific use. Saw palmetto is marketed for helping the prostate, but it is not controlled to that.

And how does it help the prostate? It ends the amount of dihydrotestosterone in the body. This synergistically benefits your acne!

Remember, most society in the medical industry hold been trained to reflect on in the mindset of 'you must treat a specific problem specifically.' In other words, theres one prescription designed to treat one problem.

However, in colloquial healing, overall strength prevents and fights disease. Your body have the ability to cure itself lacking the use of medecine. Remember, you're alive! Not some machine that desires to be repaired by using medecine. Therefor, anything that supports your body's ability to repair itself will relief with a wide open range of diseases.


Your friend's position is completely right! And you put it together very concisely and direct to the point: it is our ill-conceived perception of allopathic medicine which prevents us from insight how health happen inside our bodies, in the first place, and second how our body responds to disease.

I will not put conventional drug down, because I studied medicine, and also appreciate it is very significant for emergency and health crisis admin. But when it comes to health, energy quality, or endorse the principle of biological regeneration as applied to the innate restorative ability of the body, conventional tablets has no clue whatsoever.

Doctors are trained to use drugs that usurp or arrest the common physiology of any given organ, while at the same time robbing the body the opportunity to alleviate itself. In the same method the skin heals itself when assisted properly, so our internal organs own the ingrained biological capacity to regenerate and recuperate from damage, to convinced extent.

As per the way herb and foods work inside the body, there is not doubt that both enjoy bio-active and pharmaco-active ingredients capable of assembling and working next to specific nutrients and substances inside the body which will ultimately reinforce the body's ability to conflict degeneration and disease. And it is so true that the whole is other more powerful than any given ingredient separated form the whole.

In today's world, Natural Health's marketing technique are as aggressive as those of any other industry sector, and sometimes such measures lend themselves to almost deceiving approaches to nutrients and herbs. One single herb have so many naturally-occurring ingredients that few more centuries will not be plenty to study them all.

In decree for Saw Palmetto to help near acne it has to be combined beside Red Clover or Soy-flavonoids.

Regards and good luck! :)
Put this into context. The drug specifically sold as Viagra was originally researched for use as a vasal dialative. It be a heart medication. It wasn't considered effective plenty so it was can as a heart drug but the wonderous side effect was determined to be adjectives for making money so approval was gain to use Viagra for what it does today.

Some plants contain 100s of phytochemicals that can have adjectives sorts of regulatory effects on gene expression. These effects can be seen contained by all benevolent of areas of the body.

So what does the prostate have to do near acne?

You're dealing with cell of the body. That's what.

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