Taking Benadryl & Ambien?

will it kill me?

Well hopefully that's not your hope. In excessive amounts you won't feel too well brought-up, just sleepy. If you hold problems sleeping, talk to your doctor beforehand self-medicating. And if you are having problems beside allergies and sleeping, there are other OTC meds you can try besides benadryl, approaching claritin. Always make sure to check for drug interactions, and if you own any other questions settle to your physician. I can't stress that enough.
No it wil not waste you.
as long as you don't take more than prescribed, you should be fine. you will be extremely fatigued even after a perfect nights sleep. be remarkably careful when driving.
Depends on the dose and your individual sensitivity. If you are suicidal speak to someone, approaching a friend, helpline, relative or healthcare practitioner.
Ambien is addictive and is a sedative hypnotic and long residence use can cause mental strength problems, including depression. See this link http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/...

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