I want to become a doctor but I dont really get the drift the steps to becoming one can anyone facilitate?

I think your nearest collage
You enjoy to pass your B.Sc beside very giant marks and consequently apply to a Medical college. Its a long course so you should really start early
leave behind 10th with fitting marks!
intervene 12th with b,p,c biology physics chemistry.!
overhaul medical entrance test. beside rank!
interlace mbbs !
then become suraj bhai mbbs!
but work hard its not as straightforward as eating rime cream.
I am sorry but if you want to become a Doctor and are asking how to do it on here , then adjectives I can say is that if you are inept to find out for yourself , I would not have any religious conviction in you if you ever treated me.
Ask your own doctor how they become one. You might consider asking them whether they'd be prepared to act as a mentor for you - or if you looked-for to become a hospital consultant to help you locate someone you could approach.

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